Case Studies

Taylor Wimpey builds over 10,000 homes each year on developments throughout the UK. Here you can see a selection of our developments.



We make positive contributions to communities by providing, or making payments towards, local facilities and services. The aim is to support, rather than compete with, what is already available and meet the community’s needs. We also support community initiatives, such as by sponsoring local events or sports clubs.


Infrastructure takes many forms, from roads, sewers and utilities (for example gas and electricity) to public transport and community buildings, such as schools, health centres and shops. We either develop this infrastructure ourselves or make planning agreement contributions to the local authority.

Landscape and biodiversity

Green open space provides an attractive setting for homes, habitats for local plants and wildlife, and leisure space for local people. The type of green space will depend on the development and ranges from trees and hedgerows to playing fields or natural meadows.


We aim to be the land buyer and residential developer that everyone wants to deal with. A positive and structured approach to working with others benefits us all and is at the heart of a successful and sustainable development.

Planning & engagement

Engaging with the local community is crucial to the success of any development. We are committed to working with local people, community groups, and parish and local authorities during the planning process.

Strategic land and planning

Strategic land has the potential to fulfil future housing needs but takes a long time to go through the planning process. Such sites are either large, often made by joining several pieces of land together, or have a more complicated planning process.

Sustainability and design

The National Planning Policy Framework places sustainability and design at the heart of the planning process. We aim to design homes and developments that help people and their communities live happily and sustainably.