Our approach to land and planning

Finding and securing land in good locations across the UK is a basic necessity for us. However, we must also be able to gain appropriate planning consents to allow us to develop them. Together land and planning are fundamental to the success of our business and we take both very seriously. We have embraced the National Planning Policy Framework which puts community engagement and sustainable development at the heart of the process. 

We aim to deliver developments and homes that are:

  • Practical and cost effective for us to build.
  • Suited to their surroundings and not harmful to the local environment;
  • Welcomed by local people, having been involved in the planning process. Where necessary we may also provide or fund improved community facilities through Section 106 planning agreements with the local authority. 
  • Appealing places to live for our customers.

Taylor Wimpey detached home

Our Hawthorn Rise development in Winterbourne, South Gloucestershire