Affordable housing

In 2016 we delivered 2,663 affordable homes, equating to 19.3% of total completions. Registered Providers (RPs) are independent housing organisations that manage properties as affordable homes. Maintaining successful partnership with RPs across the UK means that we can deliver much-needed affordable homes on our developments. We involve RPs in the early stages of planning our developments so that we can take into account the requirements of both them and their tenants.

The Government’s Help to Buy equity loan remains very popular with our customers. During 2016 approximately c.39% of total sales used the scheme and we worked with c.5,393 households to take the first step to home ownership or to move up the housing ladder. Approximately 77% of sales through Help to Buy in 2016 were to first time buyers.

Holsworthy, Devon

Holsworthy homes under construction

Homes under construction at Holsworthy

At Holsworthy we worked in partnership with Torridge District Council and Tor Homes (a registered provider) to deliver 46 new affordable homes. We designed the homes to have a traditional look and built them using local materials. Tor Homes made the homes available through the Devon Home Choice selection system. To meet the needs of Tor Homes’ tenants we build two of the homes to be accessible by wheelchair and included special features such as kitchen worktops with adjustable heights, wet rooms and stair lifts.



Rose Hill, Oxford

Rose Hill WEB 6

Houses with solar panels at Rose Hill

At Rose Hill we replaced 117 run down properties with 254 new homes of different tenures, 141 of these being affordable homes. We delivered the homes in partnership with Oxford City Council and Oxford Citizens Housing Association. Working with the Housing Officer from OCHA we gave their tenants a choice when selecting both their new home and its internal finish (from a range of options). One quarter of the homes meet Lifetime Homes standards, which means that they can easily be adapted to residents’ changing needs. The affordable homes achieve Code for Sustainable Homes level 3 and incorporate a combination of renewable technologies. These include photovoltaic panels to the flats (which generate electricity) and solar thermal systems to houses (which generate heat). All of the demolition waste was recycled and re-used on site, for example under driveways, footpaths and compound areas. The development earned an Oxford Preservation Trust ‘New Buildings’ Award in 2011 for its thoughtful attention to detail in both design and sustainability.

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