We aim to be the land buyer and residential developer that everyone wants to deal with. A positive and structured approach to working with others benefits us all and is at the heart of a successful and sustainable development. Many people have an interest, or stake, in a Taylor Wimpey scheme and we work with them to find the most appropriate development solution. As well as local communities and our potential customers, such stakeholders include local authorities, government and public-sector organisations, our materials suppliers and subcontractors, other developers, and the landowners who have sites to sell.

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We work in partnership with a wide range of companies, organisations and individuals. Our partners can be divided into three groups:

  • Land owners – who we buy land from or develop land with.
  • Delivery partners – who we work with to manage our land and deliver our developments.
  • Our supply chain – who provide the materials we use and the subcontractors who work on our building sites.

Land owners

Our relationship with landowners is particularly important because land is the essential ‘raw material’ for our business. Working together for the benefit of everyone involved helps make sure that we maintain a supply of land on which we can build.

We deal with both private- and public-sector landowners. We agree the most appropriate form of contract when buying each parcel of land and consider payment terms and future responsibilities both for us and the landowner.

If you own land (brownfield or greenfield) that you want to sell and think it may have development potential please complete a Land Introduction Form. A member of the Land and Planning team in our nearest office will review your information and contact you.

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Our supply chain

In partnership with our nationwide and local subcontractors and suppliers of materials, we try to keep improving how we manage our supply chain and how it performs. We have meetings with all national suppliers in the UK every three months and provide training and support for subcontractors in areas such as health, safety and environment. Maintaining good relationships with our business partners and involving them in planning and preparing for our new developments has a number of benefits, including:

  • reducing the effect of the development on the environment; 
  • making the building programme more efficient; 
  • reducing disruption to local people during construction; and 
  • improving the quality of the finished homes and infrastructure.
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We treat our suppliers as an integral part of our business and will work with them to make our activities as efficient as possible, maintaining high standards of workmanship and customer satisfaction. A variety of techniques will be adopted including, where appropriate, a full tendering process to ensure that we receive a market competitive commercial solution. 

Benchmarking will be used to determine commercial effectiveness where competition is limited or not available. 

We maintain a list of approved suppliers and subcontractors which is regularly reviewed and consolidated to ensure an effective selection across all parts of our business.

Prospective Suppliers

If you wish to trade with Taylor Wimpey UK Limited you will need to adhere to the following Taylor Wimpey policy document:

  • Supply Chain Policy

At Taylor Wimpey we put in place national contracts for the following products. All other product agreements are set up regionally. 

National Contracts 

If you are applying for a national contract, please complete the National Supplier Vetting Letter and contact the Taylor Wimpey National Agreement Contact responsible for your product. The checklist has been put in place to ensure that all the prerequisites to trading with us have been met and to obtain approval from our Health, Safety and Environment Department.

Regional Contracts 

If you are interested in working with one of our regional offices you will need to contact the Commercial Department in the appropriate regional office. They will carry out their own vetting procedures including conformance with the National Supplier Vetting Letter.

Existing Suppliers 

Please note that we have retired SREG (Supplier Registration) and SOLVE our online Supplier Vetting platform. Data previously supplied electronically via this platform may now be requested by regional businesses on an individual basis. If you require any information about this, please contact your day-to-day Taylor Wimpey contact.

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Delivery partners

We work with local authorities, parish councils, the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), Greater London Authority (GLA), and other public-sector organisations in planning and developing our schemes. These organisations may have a number of roles, including planning authority or provider of grant funding (money which is sometimes needed to subsidise the costs of a development so that it can go ahead).

The Delivery Partner Panel and London Development Panel

In March 2013 the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) confirmed our place on the four regions (North, Midlands, South East and South West) of the second Delivery Partner Panel (DPP2). Our place on the London Development Panel has also been confirmed by the Greater London Authority (GLA).

Panel members were chosen based on their ability to meet a number of delivery criteria. The panels will run for four years (from April 2013) and are designed to give public-sector organisations a list of housing developers, who have already been through a two-stage selection process, to make the delivery of homes on public land more efficient.

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Registered providers

In 2016 we delivered 2,663 affordable homes, equating to 19.3% of total completions. Maintaining partnerships with registered providers (independent housing organisations that manage properties as affordable homes) throughout the UK means we can build much-needed affordable homes within our developments.

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Partners in land management

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We regularly transform empty, derelict or contaminated areas of land into vibrant new communities. Around 45% of our homes in 2016 were built on previously developed land, known as brownfield land, and so the way in which that land is improved to the high standards needed for redevelopment is very important to us. As a responsible residential developer we aim to be at the forefront of thinking in relation to how land is treated and managed. To achieve this, we work closely with a number of UK and Europe wide organisations to research and develop new technologies and techniques in land use management.


Ian Heasman, Director of Sustainability for Taylor Wimpey, is leading our engagement with the following organisations:

  • We are a member of the Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe (NICOLE). This is a leading European forum on contaminated land management. Member of our staff have chaired working groups on waste and brownfield. The brownfield working group has recently published research on environmental liability transfer in a European context. Find out more about NICOLE
  • We are a member of the Soil and Groundwater Technology Association (SAGTA). This not-for-profit association of member organisations is made up of UK companies who represent many major land-holding sectors. Its members actively address the challenges associated with the ownership and management of contaminated land and brownfield development sites. Find out more about SAGTA
  • We represent SAGTA on the Land Forum, the leading UK body promoting the sustainable use of land. The Land Forum brings together private and public sector organisations to take an open- and forward-looking strategic approach to current and future land use issues. Find out more about the Land Forum

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