As a responsible developer, we aim to make the developments we build sustainable. But what does this actually mean?  Sustainable living means that what we do and how we live today should not leave our children unable to achieve a similar quality of life in the future. Looking ahead, we need to develop sustainably if communities are to thrive and be prosperous.

Creating sustainable developments begins with careful planning and thoughtful and effective design of the homes and infrastructure to be built. The National Planning Policy Framework places sustainability at the heart of the planning process, recognising that it is the right thing to do.

The three aspects of sustainability
Most people relate sustainability to activities that damage the environment (for example the rainforests or climate change) and use up natural resources (such as oil or timber). In terms of how to be more sustainable ofther people will think about 'green' technologies like solar panels or wind farms. However, as well as the environment, we must also consider society and the economy. Only by balancing the environmental, economic and social aspects of communities will we be able to deliver truly sustainable developments.  

This is often referred to as the three pillars or three-legged stool of sustainability. Using the three-legged stool as an example, the idea is that the environment, society and the economy are each represented by one of the legs. Only if the three legs are given appropriate consideration will the seat on the stool be balanced. When we build new homes and developments we need to treat the environment, society and the economy with care and attention to enable the new community to live sustainably. 

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We also offer advice to our customers about living sustainably in their new home