18 Jul

The Come Dine with Taylor Wimpey competition: meet the winners!

Thursday, 18 July 2013 - Kevin Belsham

Back in April, we launched a competition which we knew would capture the imagination of food bloggers across the web: a dream dinner party menu to show off your new home. Now, after floods of great entries, our judges - The Pink Whisk blog author and Great British Bake-Off 2010 finalist Ruth Clemens, along with Mr P from food blog DeliciousDeliciousDelicious - have decided on the winning submissions. Prizes of £100 will be handed out to bloggers winning the individual course categories, while the submitter of the overall top menu earns £250.

So, to the winners. Let's start with the individual course prizes - for the purpose of suspense-building. The judges' favourite starter came from Pebble Soup, which offered spiced and sliced tuna - sustainably sourced, of course - in a light soy dressing and served with guacamole, making it the ideal tasty opening dish which still leaves plenty of room for mains. Speaking of which, the winning main course was submitted by CakesPhotosLife - and if we're being totally accurate, it was three main courses. Sausage, mash, peas and gravy was on offer for the kids, while the adults get to tuck in to steak rossini served with olive oil mash, seasonal vegetables and a Madeira sauce. For a vegetarian option, this blogger was also serving oven-baked sea bass served with olive oil mash and seasonal vegetables.

Choosing a winning desert was just as difficult a choice as the other categories, but emstargally came out on top with her offering of chilled lemon &lime posset - a perfect light and tangy ending to any meal.

Overall though, only one blogger could take the top prize for the full menu, and that coveted award went to Hannah's Helping Hand. Here it is in full:

Twisted Gin & Tonic - A frozen Gin & Tonic slushy served with fresh lime and basil


Caprese salad served with a balsamic and beetroot glaze


Lemon Sole served with roasted new potatoes, samphire and asparagus


Profiteroles with lavender infused cream and a dusting of popping candy

Accompanying Wine

Greywacke Wild Sauvignon

Mr P said of Hannah's menu: "All of this is perfect if you ask me. I adore lemon sole and after beginning with beetroot and mozzarella, it would just flow gorgeously."

Ruth Clemens was just as impressed, commenting: "This is a menu I would very happily eat from start to finish and thoroughly enjoy - including the G&T slush!"

So congratulations to Hannah - and all our winners - and thanks to all the bloggers who took the time to craft their menus and submit their entries - you made judging the results very hard, but enjoyable!

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