Home security tips

We're encouraging homeowners to make sure their home is safe and secure as the summer holiday season approaches.

The sunshine is finally making an appearance, so homeowners everywhere will be glad for the opportunity to spend some long-awaited time relaxing in the garden! We have some top tips and advice to make sure your home security isn’t overlooked during the summer months – leaving more worry-free time to enjoy outdoors. 

Safeguard your property with these helpful suggestions:

  • In an era where people love to share their lives on the internet, it’s vital that you don’t give too much away. While it’s great to announce you’re going on holiday or having a fun party in the garden, this can leave your home open for the opportunistic burglar. Don’t advertise any of your expensive belongings, and wait until you’re back home before uploading holiday snaps for all to see – that way your home hopefully won’t be targeted while it’s unoccupied.
  • Following on from this, if you have a calendar hanging up at home, it might be a good idea to consider where you place it. Don’t put it up where it can be seen from the street – potential burglars will then know when you plan to be out of the house and may try their luck then.
  • When it gets too hot most people enjoy letting in some fresh air by opening doors and windows. While this might be common sense, make sure you lock them afterwards! If you’re out in the garden or just popping over the road, do a quick check to ensure all of the windows are on the latch and the front and back doors are locked where necessary, with your keys and valuables kept out of sight.
  • If you’re outside giving your garden some TLC, remember to also keep your garage door closed (and locked) if you’re not in there to keep an eye on things. The garage is an easy way for a thief to enter your home if you’re outside working in the back garden unaware, especially if you have the radio on.
  • When you’ve finished your DIY jobs in the garden, remember to not leave any ladders or tools lying around as well, as these can easily be used to gain access to your home (especially if you forgot to follow our earlier advice and lock the windows!).
  • If you’re not spending a lot of time inside your home, try to obscure your windows with blinds or lightweight curtains. Potential burglars can look in to scope your valuables and check out the layout of your home.
  • It might also be a good idea to install security lights at the front and back of your home to warn you of any unusual activity going on, as you may want to keep your bedroom windows open during the night.