Springboard with Taylor Wimpey

Want to buy your first house, but don’t have a deposit yet? You could rent your dream home now and we’ll help you buy it later with a 5% discount.


How does Springboard work?

With Springboard, you could rent your dream home now while you save to buy it. After two years, you’ll be able to buy your home, supported by a 5% discount from us.

How much rent will I pay?

Once you’ve chosen your home, you will agree to a 5-year fixed term rental contract, meaning you will have peace of mind that your home is yours for the long term.

The rental rates will be determined by local market rates with 1% fixed annual rental price inflation, giving you visibility over your future.

Can I decorate and personalise my home?

Yes! You can choose from a range of options for your kitchen, bathroom and flooring, dependent on the build stage of the property you are buying. Once you’ve moved in, you can enjoy decorating and personalising your property, making it easy to put down roots for the long term.

What happens if I don’t want to buy my home at the end of the rental contract?

At the end of the 5 year fixed rental contract, you can either buy your home or renew your rental contract for another 5 years. If you don’t want to stay in your home at the end of your rental contract, you can move on.

Where is the scheme available?

This is a strictly limited scheme available on a small number of homes at our Kilnwood Vale development in Faygate. Interested? Register your interest here or call us on 01293 227429 to book an appointment.

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