Right Up Your Street Since 1880

Much like a house, a business should be built on strong foundations and for over 130 years Taylor Wimpey has been honing its construction and home-building expertise to ensure just that. Since 1880, George Wimpey and Taylor Woodrow haven’t just built houses and infrastructure but vibrant communities.

We delved into the Taylor Wimpey history books to take a look at how the company, its houses, and the local communities it has developed came to be…

George Wimpey & Taylor Woodrow
In Hammersmith, 1880, George Wimpey set up a stone-working business and the company soon began carrying out major building and road projects across London. The company built the White City Stadium in 1908, which was opened by King Edward VII and played host to many of the events at that year’s Olympic Games. A few years after, George Wimpey passed away and his family put the business up for sale. Soon acquired by Godfrey Mitchell, who kept the Wimpey name, the company was developed into a construction and housebuilding firm.

Meanwhile in 1921, a 16-year old Frank Taylor left his family’s fruit wholesaling business and borrowed money to build two houses in Blackpool. After the bank manager who was financing the build realised Frank was under the legal age for conveying land, his uncle Jack Woodrow stepped into the business. A few short years later, Frank moved to London where the business began building more than 1,000 homes each year.

George Wimpey was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1934 and around this time Taylor Woodrow had begun contributing to the war effort, focusing on contracts to build airfields and factories, resulting in an on-site visit from Winston Churchill.

Some of the world’s most familiar constructions

Both companies had a hand in building some of the world’s most familiar constructions, such as London Airport - now known as Heathrow Airport - and the Channel Tunnel. Similarly, by the 1970s Taylor Woodrow had begun work on one of London’s most ambitious private urban developments, St Katherine’s Dock, which received a visit from The Queen. That same year, Frank Taylor received a knighthood while George Wimpey had taken on the title of ‘largest home builder in the country’ having sold 106,440 homes across the decade.

Joining forces

Following a successful 1990s and early-2000s, 2007 was the year in which George Wimpey and Taylor Woodrow joined forces to form Taylor Wimpey. Following the merger, Taylor Wimpey was given a Gold Award by the Considerate Constructors Scheme two years in a row. And in 2012, the business was ranked as a 5-star builder by the Home Builders Federation. A year later, Taylor Wimpey had gained membership into the Home and Communities Agency’s second Developer Partner Panel and the Greater London Authority’s London Development Panel - both of which ensure the efficient delivery of new homes on public land.

Building communities

This recognition of creating developments which encourage communities to thrive was welcomed by the company. Taylor Wimpey is considered one of the largest homebuilders in the country right now, and while the business has grown to over 250 locations across the UK, to this day they remain as a local homebuilder. This means site teams have great knowledge of the local area and work closely with nearby residents, community groups, and authorities, keeping them up to date both before and during the build. Building homes to match customers’ needs and lifestyles is at the forefront of developments and led to over 14,500 much-needed new homes being built across the UK in 2017.

And so, from humble construction roots first established over 130 years ago, Taylor Wimpey has developed into much more than just a collection of homes but rather a space for communities to be created and for memories to be made, and all, of course, built on strong foundations.