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Our business

Our aim is to become a customer centric homebuilder. One of the ways in which to do this is to be an Employer of Choice. We have consistently been recognised as one of the top companies to work for by Glassdoor and this has enabled us to attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce. By continuously improving working conditions, such as opportunities to move round the business, better reward and recognition, and striving for more diversity and inclusion our employees feel valued.

We offer industry leading development and opportunities, which support our employees to excel and fulfil their career goals whilst creating a strong succession of high performing customer-centric leaders and workforce. We have invested in our new online facility for Learning and Development which provides learning on a wealth of interesting and mandatory topics accessible with the right technology.

To read more about our strategy, please refer to the Taylor Wimpey reports.

Our Vision, Mission, Values and Social Purpose

At Taylor Wimpey, we strongly believe that people are integral to the delivery of our strategy and contribute hugely to the success of our organisation. To develop and support each employee to maximise their performance and achieve their own personal goals, we have a cultural principles framework that provides a structured, transparent process for describing the behaviours and attitudes we believe are required for effective performance in order to live our vision, mission and values.

By combining both technical expertise and functional knowledge with a clear understanding of what is expected of our employees, we believe that Taylor Wimpey is fully committed in developing and supporting employees to be the best that they can be and offer career advancements for those who wish to take their career to the next level.

Gender Pay Reporting

At Taylor Wimpey, one of our key aspirations are be an employer of choice and to establish a culture where individuals from all backgrounds and gender can reach their full potential. Central to this is being an inclusive organisation.

Our Gender Pay Gap Report is the result of an important piece of legislation which required all companies with more than 250 employees in the UK to publish their gender pay gap figures on the Government website and also on the their own website every year. The Gender Pay Gap shows the difference between the average pay and bonus for men and women across all roles and levels within a business.

You can view our latest Gender Pay Gap Report here