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Land and Planning

Our business begins with the purchase of high quality land, bought at the appropriate time from a variety of sources – the public notifying us of an opportunity, to land agents bringing an idea forward. Careful consideration is given as our land team research and develop ideas for a master plan. Creative solutions come forward as the team plan a viable scheme that works for everyone.

The scheme then goes out for public consultation, a hugely important part of our process, where our team listen, and manage the public’s expectations. Ideas and suggestions are worked through as our planning team prepare a planning application for submission to the Local Authority. After planning approval, the ‘site’ is handed over to our technical and commercial teams for the next stage of the process.

A typical entry level position in our Land and Planning teams would be a Land Negotiator and progression from this role could take a number of different paths, either into Planning or Land manager position or into one of our regional strategic land teams. People that work in Land and Planning will typically have a vested interest and strong knowledge of the relevant legislation and be well connected with local government.

Strategic Land

The focus of our Strategic Land Division is to identify and contractually secure land which has the potential to fulfil future housing needs through residential and mixed-use development, and then promote it through the planning system to achieve new land allocations and planning permissions.

Strategic Land developments range in size from fifty to several thousand homes and often include substantial on-and off-site infrastructure. Where appropriate, new facilities such as schools, libraries, community buildings, parkland, and highway/public transport improvements may be delivered, all of which benefit the wider community.

We work closely with colleagues in our regional offices and, where appropriate, employ specialist external consultants to assist us. A key part of our overall business strategy is to deliver a significant number of home completions built on strategically sourced land.