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Our functions

Our employees are our greatest asset. Having great teams improves our business success and the retention of high-quality trained employees is key to achieving our strategic goals.

We have 24 regional Business Units across the UK, with several departments in each Business Unit.


Help to Buy a new Taylor Wimpey home


Our regional commercial teams are integral to the successful delivery of every Taylor Wimpey site. The function serves as the linchpin between our Technical and Production functions and makes the reality of a Taylor Wimpey development come to life.

Our Commercial teams are involved throughout the development process, providing critical information on build costs and supply chain management to ensure the business delivers award winning quality homes for the best possible price. They cost up the materials and labour required to complete a build and work closely with the construction team to make any adjustments throughout the production process.

There are a number of job roles under commercial, which are inclusive but exclusive of Quantity Surveyors, Buyers, Commercial Administrators, Commercial Manager

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Customer Services

They say buying a home is one of life’s most stressful situations. We certainly don’t want that to be the case at Taylor Wimpey. Our Customer Services teams are excellent communicators who do their very best to make our customers’ journey as thorough, straightforward, accessible and of course as enjoyable as possible. They aim to keep our customer at the centre of decisions and co-ordinate the delivery of a quality new home. Our customers are a focal part of the process.

There are a number of job roles under Customer Services, which are inclusive but exclusive of Customer Service Coordinators, Customer Relations Manager, Customer Service Manager and Head of Customer Services.


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Design and Technical

Help to Buy a new Taylor Wimpey home


Our technical and engineering teams are responsible for establishing all the infrastructure that connects a new development and putting in place all important things that enable a community to thrive. They are also the people responsible for the layout of our sites ensuring we are creating places that work for every aspect of our customers’ lives.

Great attention to detail is needed as the team produces the working drawings that our commercial and production departments use to procure and build our developments. They manage our external consultant team as well as co-ordinating with outside organisations, such as the Highways Agency.

We employ a range of specialists in our regional Technical departments. These include Architects, engineers, technical and design managers, either carrying out design in-house or managing our design consultants. Individuals employed in these positions will normally have appropriate academic and professional qualifications.

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Help to Buy a new Taylor Wimpey home


Financial reporting, forecasting and analysis are essential for any of our businesses to function effectively.

Each of Taylor Wimpey’s regional businesses has a finance team that drives the commercial performance of their respective business and are responsible for providing valuable reports to our Group Finance team based in Head Office. Led by their Finance Director, each of these teams are vital to the financial structure of the organisation.

Through quarterly forecasts and monthly accounts, they provide key data to the board and enable some of the most important strategic decisions for the business.

In the majority of cases, our finance vacancies require successful candidates to have gained a qualification from one of the formally recognised bodies for accountancy such as CIMA or ACCA. However, we do also look to recruit both externally and via our graduate programme at entry level and support employees in their studies.

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Head Office

Help to Buy a new Taylor Wimpey home


Head office, legal and logistics can be considered the additional entity where there are a number of functions that support the wider business.

From a corporate level, the departments at Head office include Human Resources, Finance, Customer Services, Sales and Marketing, Design, Audit, Treasury and Tax, IT, Co Sec, Investor Relations and Health and Safety.

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Land and Planning

Our business begins with the purchase of high-quality land, bought at the appropriate time from a variety of sources – the public notifying us of an opportunity, to land agents bringing an idea forward. Careful consideration is given as our land team research and develop ideas for a master plan. Creative solutions come forward as the team plan a viable scheme that works for everyone.

The scheme then goes out for public consultation, a hugely important part of our process, where our team listen, and manage the public’s expectations. Ideas and suggestions are worked through as our planning team prepare a planning application for submission to the Local Authority. After planning approval, the ‘site’ is handed over to our Technical and Commercial teams for the next stage of the process.

A typical entry level position in our Land and Planning teams would be a Land Negotiator and progression from this role could take a number of different paths, either into Planning or Land Manager positions or into one of our Regional Strategic Land teams. People that work in Land and Planning will typically have a vested interest and strong knowledge of the relevant legislation and be well connected with local government.


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Our colleagues working in Production oversee all activities on site, from managing our subcontractor representatives on site to organising the build programme and ensuring that the development is on schedule in order to welcome its new home owners.

Production is the backbone of our build process. We build over 10,000 homes a year. Consistency in quality of build, safety standards and communication with our customers are all key components to a successful production team. We look for people who have the skills to manage projects effectively, build strong relationships with contractors and all trades on site. If you are looking for a career in Production with Taylor Wimpey then you’ll be joining a team with a passion for getting things right first time and exceeding customer expectations.


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Sales and Marketing

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Group Marketing, based in Head Office, overseeing and ensuring that the company brand is maintained throughout the advertising, social media channels, marketing material (brochures, signage, point of sale) and online through the company’s website. Our Investor Relations team manage the external affairs work of the company, including the issuing of media statements, handling press and radio interviews and protecting the company’s image.

Regional offices have a Sales and Marketing department with a Regional Sales and Marketing Director. They co-ordinate and oversee the marketing and sales of individual sites within their region, including their site-based sales advisors and negotiators.

Sales Executives are the frontline staff. They are the people who work from the site show homes, dealing with enquiries from potential purchasers and engaging with those customers to make sales. We look for people with high energy and enthusiasm, with the drive and motivation to fulfil customer needs.

We provide comprehensive in-house training and even have a ‘Sales Academy’ to ensure all our Sales Executives reach and maintain the highest standards when it comes to showcasing our homes.

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Logistics and Procurement

Help to Buy a new Taylor Wimpey home


Our colleagues in Logistics and Procurement ensure that goods are sourced and well-coordinated between the suppliers and the business. To enable goods to arrive in a timely manner there are a variety of supporting personnel in scheduling, finance, stock control, operations and internal customer services; all who actively contribute to the smooth running of the business

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