Our Business Model

We create value and deliver quality across the housing cycle

Our business model is based on a value cycle and each component of the value cycle is important in order to achieve our strategic objectives. Customer service is and will continue to be a key area of focus for us. We want to be similarly uncompromising about customer service as we are about health and safety. We have therefore moved customer service into the centre of our Business Model.

Delivering Customer Service
Selecting Land
Managing the planning and community engagement process
Getting the homebuilding basics right
Our people
Optimising value
We create value and deliver quality across the housing cycle.

Approach to Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability supports our integrated approach in reporting key sustainability information through each part of the business model. This model also evidences how we apply our sustainability principles across the business.

Our Sustainability Strategy sets out a range of strategic commitments that relate to key social, environmental and economic issues.

Our sustainability strategy
  • Our aim is to build homes and communities that our customers will aspire to and that enhance the local area
  • We are working towards being a more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable company
  • We aim to balance the long term economic stability and growth of our Company with our responsibilities to the environment, society and the economies in which we operate
  • We believe that sustainability is fundamental to each aspect of our value cycle and, therefore, to the long term success of our Company
  • Operating sustainably is both the right thing to do and brings significant business benefits

Our Cultural Principles

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly
If we make a mistake, we put it right
We are competitive and don’t accept second best
We will not compromise in ensuring that everyone leaves our sites safe and well
We behave with integrity, are honest and forthright and support each other
We strive to enhance the environment and local community and to run our business in a way that is sustainable
Knowledge and information are key, we take our decisions on fact not emotion
We value individuals from diverse backgrounds and aim to develop potential to the mutual benefit of the individual and the business