Business Overview

Taylor Wimpey plc is a UK-focused residential developer which also has operations in Spain. We are one of the UK’s largest residential developers. We do much more than build homes – we add social, economic and environmental value to the wider communities in which we operate. We are first and foremost a local business and an important contributor to the local communities.

We build a wide range of homes in the UK, from apartments to six-bedroom houses with prices ranging from under £70k to over £3m. We completed 14,822 new homes in 2018, excluding joint ventures. In addition, we build affordable housing across the UK, which represented 23% of our total 2018 completions.

Where we operate

We operate at a local level from 24 regional businesses across the UK, and we also have operations in Spain.


North division

Our North division covers our East and West Scotland, North East, North Yorkshire, Yorkshire, North West, Manchester, North Midlands, Midlands and West Midlands regional businesses.


(Completions excluding joint ventures)


(Average selling price)

Central and
South West division

Our Central and South West division covers our East Midlands, South Midlands, East Anglia, Oxfordshire, South Wales, Bristol, Southern Counties and Exeter regional businesses.


(Completions excluding joint ventures)


(Average selling price)

London and
South East division

Our London and South East division includes Central London and covers our East London, North Thames, South East, South Thames and West London regional businesses.


(Completions excluding joint ventures)


(Average selling price)


Our vision in London is to develop a sustainable legacy of homes and communities. We aim to achieve this through high-quality planning and design so that we create places where people really want to live, which also reflect the diversity and character of London.

Taylor Wimpey Central London builds high quality developments within the London Boroughs of the City of London, Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham, Camden, Southwark and Greenwich.

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We build high-quality homes in the popular locations of Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza.

Taylor Wimpey Logistics

Taylor Wimpey Logistics (TWL) is the supply chain logistics business of Taylor Wimpey. TWL sources bulk materials directly from manufacturers to prepare 'just in time' delivery of build-packs for each stage of the building process.

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