Key financial information


Continuing Group FY 2016
Change FY 2015
Revenue £m  3,676.2  17.1%  3,139.8
Operating profit* £m  764.3  20.0%  637.0
Profit before tax and exceptional items £m  733.4  21.5%  603.8
Profit for the year £m  589.3  20.3%  489.8
Adjusted basic earnings per share††
 18.1  21.5%   14.9
Basic earnings per share (pence)  18.1  19.9%
Tangible net asset value per share (pence)†  88.6  6.1%
Net cash £m
 364.7  63.3%
Ordinary dividend per share (pence) (subject to shareholder approval)  2.82  68.9%  1.67

* Operating profit is defined as profit on ordinary activities from continuing operations before finance costs and exceptional items, after share of results of joint ventures. 

† Tangible net assets per share is defined as net assets before any accrued dividends excluding goodwill and intangible assets divided by the number of ordinary shares in issue at the end of the period. 

†† Adjusted basic earnings per share represents earnings attributed to the shareholders of the parent, excluding exceptional items and tax on exceptional items, divided by the weighted average number of shares in issue during the period.

UK Housing business highlights  2016 2015
Homes legally completed (excluding joint ventures)  13,808  13,219
Private home completions (excluding joint ventures)
 11,145  10,710
Affordable home completions (excluding joint ventures)
 2,663   2,509
Joint Venture home completions  73  122
Sales outlets at year end
Average number of employees  4,697  4,299

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