Key performance indicators

Our UK Housing key performance indicators (KPIs) are reported on every year. Our KPIs are listed below and are also available in our Annual Report and Accounts 2017

KPI Objective
Definition 2017   2016 2015
Customer satisfaction We strive to maintain and improve our customer satisfaction scores at 90% or above. Percentage of customers satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of their new home as measured by the National New Homes Survey undertaken by the NHBC on behalf of the HBF eight weeks after legal completion.  88%  85%
Strategically sourced completions
We aim to source more than 40% of our completions from the strategic pipeline per annum in the medium term.
Number of completions which originally did not have planning permission when we acquired a commercial interest in them, expressed as a percentage of total completions.

 53%  51%
Owned and controlled plots with planning
We aim to maintain sufficient land in our portfolio to enable us to remain selective in future purchases.
The total number of plots that we either own or control, with some form of planning consent.

 74,849  76,234
Conversion of strategic pipeline We aim to convert on average c.6k plots per annum in the medium term.
Number of plots, which originally did not have planning permission when we took a commercial interest in the land, which we have promoted through the planning process and achieved some form of planning on. In this way we convert potential plots from the strategic pipeline to plots in the short term landbank.
 7,863  9,519   8,660
Health and safety
We are committed to providing a safe place in which our employees and subcontractors can work and our customers can live.
Reportable (all reportable) injury frequency rate per 100,000 employees and contractors (Annual Injury Incidence Rate).

 152  211
Employee turnover
We aim to attract and retain the best people in the industry and give them opportunities to develop to their full potential.
Voluntary resignations divided by number of total employees.

 14.0%  13.9%
Contribution per legal completion
We strive to maximise the level of contribution per home sold.
Revenue, net of incentives, less build costs, land costs and direct selling costs, divided by the number of homes completed (excluding joint ventures).
 £69.3k  £65.5k
Forward order book as a percentage of completions
We look to maximise and maintain a strong order book.
The number of homes in our year end order book, expressed as a percentage of the number of homes completed during the year (excluding joint venture completions).
 49.6%  54.8%