Economic sustainability

The housebuilding industry, including its supply chain, is a major contributor to both national and local economies. As part of the wider construction sector our activities generate employment and we make investments in the areas in which we build. 

Raploch site managers and apprentices

Raploch Resource Centre - Site managers and apprentices at Raploch Regeneration in Stirling, Scotland.

In 2014 we created jobs and career progression opportunities for an average of 3,916 UK employees as well as work for an average of 11,450 operatives on our UK sites. On every site we employ a range of subcontractors and tradespeople, ranging from demolition and civil-engineering contractors to small firms of carpenters, painters or electricians. We work with our subcontractors to help local apprentices and trainees gain valuable practical experience on our sites. By providing training and job opportunities, our work has a positive effect on economic growth, both locally and nationally.

Where appropriate we may deliver commercial properties, such as shops or pubs, within our developments. They provide goods and services to local people and opportunities for employment. Sustainable development will help to protect communities against economic decline. On our developments we aim to provide the facilities and opportunities needed for the communities living in them and in the surrounding areas to grow and strengthen.

The people moving into new homes on our developments also have a long term positive effect on the local economy. They will spend money locally in shops and when using public services. By creating additional demand, they help support local jobs and services, strengthening the economic aspect of the community.

Developing construction skills

We are proud to be sponsoring Buckinghamshire University Technical College (Bucks UTC), which opened its doors in September 2013. From developing the construction course curriculum and providing work experience to involving our subcontractors and donating materials, you can read more about our work with Bucks UTC and how we are investing in a workforce for the future here.