Our stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement helps us to understand and address the wider social, economic and environmental impacts resulting from our operations. 


We actively seek and encourage regular engagement with major institutional shareholders and other stakeholders.

We maintain an extremely thorough investor relations programme. Please see our Annual Report and Accounts 2015 for further detail.

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Our UK Customer Journey sets out how we engage with customers throughout the homebuying process and forms the basis of a comprehensive quality management system that also ensures we comply with the Consumer Code for Home Builders.

We measure and monitor customer satisfaction through independent industry surveys. Please see pages 13 to 17 of our Sustainability Report 2015 for further detail.

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Local communities

We seek to engage with local people and community groups on each and every one of our UK sites throughout the life of the development.

We have a consistent and thorough community engagement process, with a framework in place that provides clear procedures for all of our regional business units. Please see pages 21 to 25 of our Sustainability Report 2015 for further detail.

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We strive to engage with our employees and listen to their views. We have a formal annual development review process for all salaried employees and have active employee consultation committee in our regional business units.

We keep UK employees informed about Company news and developments via our employee magazine, regular email newsletters, e-mails and our Company intranet. We undertake an annual employee survey. Please see pages 38 to 42 of our Sustainability Report 2015 for further detail.

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Suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners

We engage regularly with our suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners.

We have quarterly meetings with all national suppliers in the UK and provide training and support for subcontractors in areas such as health, safety and environment. We work in partnership with suppliers and sub-contractors on improving health and safety, product development and more. We are also working with suppliers as part of our Project 2020 initiative. Please see pages 33 to 34 of our Sustainability Report 2015.

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Local government

We aim to work in close partnership with local authorities. Our structured approach to guiding schemes through the planning process ensures it is undertaken effectively and professionally.

Wherever possible, we engage with planners through pre-application discussions. Please see pages 20 and 24 of our Sustainability Report 2015 for more information.

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UK Government

We maintain a steady dialogue with both the UK Government and other political parties in terms of emerging legislation, policy changes and other relevant areas including sustainability issues.

We also engage with government agencies such as the Environment Agency and the Highways Agency. Please see page 16, 20, 24 and 27 of our Sustainability Report 2015 for further information.

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Landowners and land agents

The relationships we have with landowners and agents are vital since land is the 'raw material' for our business.

We aim to work together and build partnerships that benefit everyone involved. Please see page 20 of our Sustainability Report 2015.

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Housing associations

We provide affordable (social) housing on a significant proportion of our developments.

We work closely with independent housing organisations that are Registered Providers to ensure that affordable housing is integrated effectively into our developments. Please see page 44 of our Sustainability Report 2015.

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Trade associations and industry bodies

Members of our senior management team represent the Company on a wide range of industry and other committees and steering groups.

Our Chief Executive Pete Redfern is on the Board of the HBF (Home Builders Federation) and we work closely with them and a range of other organisations. Please see pages 15, 20, 24, 28, 37 and 41 of our Sustainability Report 2015 for more information.

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Charities, NGOs and other groups interested in sustainable homes and communities

We work with charities, non-governmental and other organisations on specific projects or at particular developments.

We engage with organisations such as the RSPB and the Wildlife Trusts at a corporate level and also on specific developments, and we work closely with and support a national network of homelessness charities. In addition, we sponsor Buckinghamshire University Technical College. Please see pages 9, 23, 27, 30-31, 39-40 and 43-47 of our Sustainability Report 2015 for more information.

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