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Invested in local communities in which we build
Donated and fundraised for registered charities
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Homes designated as affordable housing
Carbon emissions intensity reduction since 2013

View from the top

I am pleased to report another year of strong financial performance for Taylor Wimpey in 2016. However, our financial performance is just one part of the picture. There are many factors that contribute to our continued success. These range from how we treat our key stakeholders - such as our people, customers and suppliers - and the quality of the product we offer, to how we take care of the environment ,and the role we play in contributing to the long term sustainable development of the communities we work in and the UK as a whole. This is why we are committed to managing our business in the right way and are pleased to report good progress in 2016.

Our sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy sets out our sustainability principles and a range of strategic priorities and commitments that relate to key social, environmental and economic issues. It covers a wide range of sustainability topics in all areas of our Business Model, encompassing the way we work, the places we create and the homes we build. We have robust policies, procedures and governance structures in place to help us implement our strategy and to monitor and improve our performance. More information about our sustainability strategy is available throughout our Sustainability Report.


Business model in practice

Delivering customer service

Customer service is and will continue to be a key priority

Our mission is to create great places to live and deliver excellent service. We want customers to have a positive experience when they buy from us, to be happy with their new home and to recommend us to friends and family. We are focused on fostering a customer-centric culture, ensuring high-quality build, and on placemaking and design. We make homes that are affordable for a range of buyers.


Our 2016 customer satisfaction score, reflecting the number of customers satisfied with the quality of their Taylor Wimpey homes.

Selecting land

The ability to purchase the right sites in the right locations

We are experts at selecting land and promoting it through the planning process. To sustain and grow our business and to create great places for our customers, we need sufficient quantities of suitable land, at the right price and in the right locations. We integrate sustainability into our approach to buying, managing and developing land.


In 2016 49% of our UK completions were within 500 meters of a public transport node.

Managing the planning and community engagement process

Creating sustainable communities that meet the needs of local people

We engage, consult and work in partnership with local government, communities and other stakeholders to plan our developments. We want to be the industry leader in planning and community engagement and the residential developer that everyone wants to deal with. Open communication and ongoing dialogue enables us to create desirable places to live that meet local needs and add value to the local communities in which we build.


We create a tailored planning and community engagement strategy, that reflects the needs of the local area, for every Taylor Wimpey site.

Getting the home building basics right

We work with suppliers and use carefully sourced materials to ensure that our homes are built safely, efficiently, cost-effectively and with minimal environmental impact

We want to build our developments in the right way, with respect for employees, local people and the environment. We choose suppliers carefully, aiming to select partners who share our values and to work with them to achieve our goals. Our comprehensive policies and procedures ensure we use resources efficiently, reduce our carbon footprint, keep our people safe and protect or enhance the local environment on our developments.


We have reduced our scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions intensity by 24% since 2013.

Our people

We aim to be the employer of choice in the housebuilding industry

We invest in training and development, offer attractive remuneration and focus on employee engagement to help us recruit and retain skilled employees. We provide apprenticeships and entry level positions and partner with education providers to build skills, bring young people into our industry and combat the construction skills shortage. We aim to be an inclusive employer and to increase the diversity of our workforce over time.


We directly employed, on average, 4,697 employees across the UK.

Optimising value

We add social, environmental and economic value to the communities we work in

We want to maximise the positive value our business brings to the communities in which we work – from the way we design our homes and communities, to our investments in local facilities, affordable homes and infrastructure, the jobs we support and our charitable donations. We work closely with local partners to understand their needs and ensure that our contributions achieve the maximum positive impact.


We contributed £363 million to local communities in which we built in 2016.


We strive to be an open, transparent and responsive company for all of our stakeholders. Stakeholder engagement helps us to understand and address the wider social, economic and environmental impacts resulting from our operations, and to build strong relationships with the communities in which we build.



Our aim is to keep our customer at the centre of our decisions and to deliver a great service throughout their Customer Journey.



We engage with local communities on every one of our schemes. We are committed to working with local stakeholders during the planning process and throughout the life of our developments.



Our employees are one of our greatest competitive advantages, crucial to executing our strategy and driving our business success. We strive to continuously improve and make Taylor Wimpey a great place to work.


Other Stakeholders

We are committed to working with our charities and local community groups where we operate, whether financially, with our time, energy or leadership. We want to genuinely improve the position of the causes that we support.

Other shareholders


A key part of our approach to running the business in a sustainable way is to give our investors a significant, consistent and reliable dividend stream.

Progress against targets

This is our 10th sustainability report as Taylor Wimpey. It covers our performance and data for the period between 1 January to 31 December 2016. Information on our sustainability performance and key non-financial performance metrics are also integrated into our Annual Report and Accounts.

We collect a wide range of social and environmental data from our regional businesses through our COMBINE (Co-ordinated Measurement of Business Information) system. This covers health and safety, environment, sustainable construction, resource efficiency, planning and community engagement, employee and customer data. This data is used to measure, monitor and improve our performance.

In 2016 we achieved certification to the Carbon Trust Standard which includes independent verification of our greenhouse gas data (scope 1 and 2) by the Carbon Trust. We also continue to participate in a variety of sustainability benchmarks such as Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index, the FTSE4Good, CDP and Next Generation. More information about our performance in these benchmarks is available in our Sustainability Report.