Water management

In some parts of the UK, water scarcity is already a challenge and this is set to increase with climate change. We aim to reduce water use in our operations, to design our homes to be water efficient in line with building regulations and to protect water quality during construction and remediation on our sites. We integrate measures to manage surface water and reduce flood risk on our completed developments.

We received a B rating from CDP Water (2017: A-), which is the highest among UK housebuilders.

Performance in 2018

In 2018, our water intensity (the amount of water used per square metre of build) increased by 19% year on year. We believe this significant increase was due to the hot summer in the UK with more water being used for the lawns in our show homes and plots before sale and other green spaces on our developments. We aim to reduce water use in 2019.

Operational water use

More water is used in our supply chain than in our own operations, particularly among material suppliers. We are engaging with suppliers on resource use, including water, through the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

Please see our Sustainability Report 2018 for more information on our water use or download our CDP Water submission and score and our reporting methodology.