Water management

We are committed to reducing operational water consumption and increasing the water efficiency of our site compounds and also the homes we build in line with Building Regulations.

We completed a water audit of our UK operations in 2015 and are evaluating the importance of water in our supply chain as part of a wider project to quantify and value our supply chain greenhouse gas, water consumption and waste generation. We are in the process of developing a UK-wide water reduction strategy for building sites, sales areas and plots before sale.

In 2015 our metered mains water footprint for the UK was an estimated 384,137 cubic metres (2014: 350,482 cubic metres) or 30.66 cubic metres per 100 square metres of completed build (2014: 31.05). This includes water used on building sites, in sales areas, show homes, plots before sale, offices and our logistics business. A water footprint method statement summary can be found below.

Our mains water consumption from our metered UK offices increased by 9.2% per full time employee (FTE) in 2015, which fails to meet our target of 3% reduction. However this was largely due to water mains leaks at two offices. If the leaking pipework is excluded then our 2015 metered UK office water intensity went down 16.6% per FTE on a 2014 baseline. During 2015 we have improved the accuracy with which our water data is collected across our estate and will continue to focus on this in 2016.

We participated in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) water benchmark for the first time in 2015. This assesses companies’ corporate water stewardship practices and performance. CDP gave us a score of B- and stated that it is: ‘A good result. Taylor Wimpey Plc is measuring its impacts to try and reduce them, has implemented a policy and a strategic framework within which to take action, and has set targets on water issues.’ Our score is equivalent to the CDP average and the industry average score. While we are happy with our result as a first time reporter, we aim to build on and improve our position over time. Our CDP water submission can be found below.

Water is well integrated into our business strategy in many specific areas (supply to new homes including metering, low flow taps and showers and dual flush toilets, groundwater remediation on brownfields, silt and fuel spill pollution control and others), and we are working on or improving other areas (such as flooding, water efficiency in offices and on building sites). 

Please see our Sustainability Report 2015 for more general information on our water use.