Water management

In some parts of the UK, water scarcity is already a challenge and this is set to increase with climate change. We aim to reduce water use in our operations, to design our homes to be water efficient in line with building regulations and to protect water quality during construction and remediation on our sites. We integrate measures to manage surface water and reduce flood risk on our completed developments.

We were pleased to receive an A- rating from CDP Water, an increase from B- the previous year. This puts us in the leadership category for water management and we received CDP Water’s award for the most improved water management performance in the UK.

Performance in 2017

In 2017, our total metered water consumption increased slightly year-on-year by 0.2%. However, the water intensity of our direct operations (the amount of water used per square metre of build) decreased by 1.8%. We have reduced the water intensity of our metered offices (the amount of water used per full time employee) by 42% since 2014 but our water intensity increased by 0.4% year-on-year so we did not meet our target of a 3% reduction on a 2016 baseline.

During 2018 we will review our water policy, strategy and targets. We will roll out our best practice guidance on water efficiency to production teams and water use will be one of the focus areas for our Resource Champions.

More water is used in our supply chain than in our own operations, particularly among material suppliers. We are engaging with suppliers on resource use, including water, through the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

Please see our Sustainability Report 2017 for more general information on our water use.