Handy checklist

In the first few days and weeks after reservation, there are all sorts of things for you to sort out and action. Use this guide to help navigate your way from reservation, through to moving into your new home.

Things to do  Who? When?
Reservation made  You Today
Inform your solicitor of your reservation You  Today 
Arrange appointment with Financial Advisor to make your mortgage application and pay your valuation fee. If necessary, inform your employers of the need to provide reference of earnings. You 
Sales Executive
Our legal department will send out contracts to your solicitor Legal department 2/3 days 
Arrange an appointment to discuss the contract with your solicitor You Within a week 
Arrange an appointment to meet your Site Manager You
Sales executive
Within 2 weeks 
Arrange an appointment to discuss your option choices  You
Sales Executive
Notification of exchange of contracts or, for Scotland, conclusion of missives Sales Executive  TBC 
Home Demonstration at your Taylor Wimpey home You
Sales Executive
2 weeks to legal completion 
Completion You
Sales Executive