Quality and customer satisfaction

From our initial planning and community engagement to safe and efficient construction practices on-site and selling the finished homes, we work hard to deliver sustainable developments where communities can flourish.

We are proud of what we build and how we approach every stage of the home-building process.

The NHBC carry out two surveysTaylor Wimpey _HO_Lifestyle lo res-0065

The first is conducted on behalf of the HBF (Home Builders Federation). You may receive a questionnaire about eight weeks after you have moved in. This survey is also used to monitor the effectiveness of the Consumer Code for Home Builders. It asks about your experience of the buying process, your moving-in day, and the early after-sales service you have received.

The second survey will come to you about nine months after you move in. By this time you should be settled into your new home and have resolved any issues which may have arisen. This survey focuses more on the after-sales service you receive.


Please look out for these surveys. They have been kept short so that it should take a matter of minutes to complete. Our experience shows that providing feedback is a proven way of improving levels of customer satisfaction.

Your opinion really matters to our staff – so please take a few minutes to let us know about your experience.