Fixings, hangings and ceilings

If you've moved into your new home and have an issue with your ceiling or you want to fix or hang something, check out our frequently asked questions below. If we can't answer your question here, please contact us.

What do I do if I want to fix something to a ceiling or wall?

Always check for cables and pipes prior to attempting to fix anything.

Are there any restrictions around party walls?

Don’t make holes in a party wall that separates you from your neighbour as this will cause sound to travel easily and will reduce fire resistance.

How do I fix something to a timber or metal frame internal wall lined with plasterboard?

For heavier items we would suggest drywall screws fixed into the metal frame.

How do I fix things to plasterboard lined masonry walls

We recommend frame-fixing plugs screwed into the masonry to fix heavier items to the wall.

How do I fix something to a partition wall?

Locate the position of the framework by tapping across the wall. The studs are usually about 600mm or 450mm apart and produce a dull solid sound. If you can’t find the studs, make a small hole where you think the stud may be – if you hit the cavity you’ve missed the spot. If your fixing is to go on a stud, drill through the plasterboard into the timber until you get to the metal and use fixings directly to it.

How do we fix something to a ceiling?

Ceilings are made of the same construction as walls and you should fix to them in the same way - locate the joists and fix to them. If you don’t do this, use a toggle or patent anchors. Make sure you don’t suspend heavy weights from the ceiling, it is not designed for this purpose. Make sure you locate wires and pipes prior to installation of fixings.