Windows and doors

If you've moved into your new home and have an issue with your windows and doors, check out our frequently asked questions below. If we can't answer your question here, please contact us.

Imperfections in the glass?

This is normal and is due to the glass manufacturing process. Glass will, from time to time, contain seeds, bubbles or even fine scratches that can be seen at close quarters.

Glass should be viewed at a distance of no less than 2 meters from inside the room in natural daylight, or 3 meters for toughened laminated or coated glass.

White powder on the lead pattern of the glass units?

This is lead oxidising and is a natural process. The best advice is to let the lead oxidise naturally and the white powder deposit will stop once the process is complete.

External seal to my windows is dirty and won’t clean?

Some discolouration of the mastic seal is a natural occurrence and cannot be avoided.

Condensation forms on the glass?

This is water vapour condensing on the coldest surface, which is usually the glass in a window. This will happen more in bathrooms and kitchens and is perfectly normal. To reduce this effect it is advisable to increase the ventilation in a room when cooking or when taking a shower or bath.

Garage doors opening slow or too rapid?

This indicates a need to adjust spring tension. This must be done in accordance with the instruction supplied with your door.