Your property

If you have an issue with your property, check out our frequently asked questions below. If we can't answer your question here, please contact us.

I am buying a property built by you and I have been told by my solicitor that I need to get restrospective consent for some building work that has been done on the house, how do I do this and does it cost anything?

Please write into your local customer services department with a copy of a plan showing the area with a covering letter and we will pass this to the correct department. There is a cost involved for this process which the customer services team will be able to advise you of.

There is a covenant in my deeds which I want to enforce, what should I do?

Covenants are there for your own protection and unfortunately Taylor Wimpey will not enforce these.  We advise you to get Independent Legal Advice to pursue the matter further.

How can I find out which is my boundary?

This information should have been explained to you at the time of your purchase, if you have a copy of your conveyance drawing which are often held with your deeds this will clearly show the boundary lines. 

Guidelines for looking at your plans: if a T mark is showing within the curtledge of your property then this denotes it is your responsibility.  If there is no T shown then this denotes joint responsibility with the adjoining property.

I need to find some tiles to match what is already in my property, can someone tell me what type they were?

If you refer to your homeowner pack that you received on completion, you should find these details.  If not then please contact your local customer services team.

I have damage to my property caused by the bad weather/high winds am I covered for this?

Unfortunately, Taylor Wimpey nor the NHBC cover the property for storm damage, you should refer to your home insurance for this.

I want to erect a satellite dish/ tv aerial, what do I do?

Normally it is acceptable to put these up at the back of the property but please refer to your contract for clarification.  If you have any queries please contact your regional customer services team.

I have a problem with one of my appliances/white goods in the property who do I call?

Please have a look at our appliances page which will give you the correct manufacturers details.