Moving into your new home

Congratulations the big day has arrived and your new home is ready for you. Over the next few days make sure you carry out the important checks below and discuss any concerns with your site team.

Day 1

On the day you move in, it is important to inspect your new home carefully throughout, paying particular attention to:

Sales Executive and customer inspecting appliances
  • sanitary ware (including baths, basins and toilets)
  • glass (including windows, mirrors and shower screens)
  • fireplace surrounds
  • kitchen fittings and appliances
  • wall tiling
  • carpets, floor tiling and laminated flooring.
  • You should also check to confirm that:
  • you have been given the correct keys for all locks, and that windows and doors open, close and lock properly.
  • any ‘extras’ you ordered have been provided.
  • all services (gas, water and electricity) are connected and are in working order. You should also agree meter readings with the Site Manager.

The first few days

Shortly after moving in you should:

  • familiarise yourself with the operation of the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Check they work by pressing the test button.
  • check that you have been given operating instructions for all systems, appliances and fittings and know how to work them.Couple moving into new home
  • in the case of flats and maisonettes check that the common parts have been completed properly. Your solicitor or conveyancer should have told you what these are, but they usually include stairways, landings and entrance areas.
  • if a chimney or flue has been installed in your home, check that a notice plate, giving information on types of appliances that can be safely installed and used, has been provided. You are advised to bring any matters of concern to our attention. To avoid delays in getting your concerns dealt with, you should follow our customer service procedures.