Safety in your new home

On this page, we'll give you some important information on safely maintaining your new home. The following tasks should only be maintained by a qualified professional:

  • Little girl walking into Taylor Wimpey homeAll gas and heating appliances
  • All electrical appliances, including repair
  • Security alarm (where fitted)

Please do not:

  • Make any structural alterations to your home until you are sure that it is safe to do so; otherwise obtain professional help
  • Undertake any of the items above unless you are confident that you are able to carry them out safely and competently. If not, obtain professional help
  • Make any alterations to the gas installation. By law this must be done by a suitably qualified person
  • Restrict the air supply to any gas appliance by closing or blocking ventilators
  • Alter the electrical installation. This should be done by a qualified electrician.

The following tasks could be done yourself:

  • RCDs usually have a test button and you should carry out the test regularly or as instructed by the manufacturer
  • Check the operation of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors using the test button as instructed by the manufacturer
  • Familiarise yourself with the typical service layouts which can be found on the NHBC website

Exercise care when:

  • Entering the roof space – do not disturb the insulation because it will create dust. Wear a suitable mask over your mouth and nose if you are there for any length of time. Always walk on boarding or joists
  • Gaining access for painting or decorating externally or gutter clearing
  • Drilling (or nailing to) walls – there may be buried services. A cable detector may help locate services. If in doubt seek professional advice
  • Fixing into any wall – ensure that the method and number of fixings used will support the load
  • Doing anything which creates heat – e.g. using hot air paint strippers. Do not use blow lamps near combustible materials.