Before carrying out any electrical works

  1. Always seek professional advice and get an electrician to carry out any works
  2. Switch off the mains before working on electrical circuits.

Power Failure?

Check with your neighbours and look at street lighting to see if it is a power cut to the whole area.

People checking for reasons behind power failure

If not, check your home to see where the problem lies – have the fuses blown?

Check the consumer unit to see if the circuit breakers are on – in the ‘up’ position. Circuit breakers act as a ‘safety device’ and trip off if the circuit is overloaded. If the circuit breaker trips it signals a problem that needs solving – for example, faulty plugs, leads or sockets. If the circuit breaker has tripped ‘down’, check for damage

  • If it is not damaged, reset it
  • If the circuit breaks again then unplug or turn off all appliances and reset the circuit breaker
  • If it trips again, you probably have a short circuit and will require help
  • If it did not trip, test all your appliances until you find the one that is faulty

Electrical outlet does not work?

Check whether it has an on/off switch on the actual fitting. If not, then inspect all circuit breakers including the main breakers. If a breaker appears damaged, leave it off and call for service. If not, follow the circuit breaker procedure. If consumer unit continues to fail please switch off all appliances and try them one by one to find the fault.

Lighting failure?

If a light fixture does not work check that the on/off switch is in the on position, check all bulbs are working properly and replace any damaged bulbs. Check the wall switches and, if the light is still not working, check the circuit breaker.

People checking thermostat

Dimmer switches not working?

Dimmer switches, where fitted, are sized in accordance with the installation at the time of handover.

Dimmer switches can be affected if you change the loading by replacing any of the fittings. Do take care not to overload the switches.

Smoke detector beeping? 

Should your smoke detector start beeping for no reason, check the power supply. It may need the internal battery replacing, even if it is mains powered.

Electricity outside the home

If you wish to supply power to an outside shed or to an external light fitting, you will need specialist advice on the best way to do this. We would recommend getting a professional electrician to carry out such works.