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The Lanes, Penwortham

Penwortham - South Ribble - Lancashire - PR1 9TX

Taylor Wimpey and Homes England (‘The Developers’) have now submitted their planning application for The Lanes, a new residential-led mixed use community in Penwortham.

  • Overview




  • About the site

    About The Site

    Delivering much-needed new homes in Lancashire

    The Lanes, Penwortham, has been earmarked for major development by South Ribble since the year 2000 and is allocated as a Major Site for Development within South Ribble Borough Council’s Local Plan (2015).

    About the site plan - Smaller

    Aerial view courtesy of Google Earth

    City Deal

    The City Deal will also generate:

    •    Around £1 billion growth in Gross Value Added;
    •    17,420 new homes; and
    •    £2.3 billion in leveraged commercial investment.

    It will see huge levels of investment pumped into South Ribble, resulting in new roads, better public transport, improved public spaces and reduced congestion. Required infrastructure to support population growth, such as new schools and health centres, will also be provided.

    A City Deal Infrastructure Delivery Programme and City Deal Investment Fund have been established by the City Deal Partners which together are worth £450m over the lifetime of the Deal.

    The Lanes site has been recognised as a prime location to support the planned economic growth and help deliver the 17,000 new homes.

    Our consultation process

    Taylor Wimpey and Homes England (‘The Developers’) are reviewing the proposals for this important site, having regard to ensuring a sustainable form of development and the most appropriate approach. We will be preparing and submitting a new application in due course.

    It is the intention to consult with residents in preparation of the of the Outline application submission, which is currently anticipated to be Summer 2021.


    What is ‘The Lanes’?

    'The Lanes’ is a new mixed-use development from Homes England and Taylor Wimpey, which will comprise a range of one- to five- bedroom mews, detached and semi-detached properties as well as apartments, new local facilities including a Local Centre, public open spaces and road infrastructure. 

    It is an allocated site, identified as a major site for development within South Ribble Borough Council’s Local Plan (2015). 

    Where is ‘The Lanes’?

    The proposed development is in Penwortham, South Ribble, Lancashire, around 4.8km to the south-east of Penwortham town centre and 6.4km to the south of Preston City Centre.

    The northernmost part of the site sits within the ward of Charnock, with Farington West to the south. 

    Why is it called ‘The Lanes’?

    ‘The Lanes’ was named with respect to its position within Penwortham and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

    The proposed development is bordered by a number of ‘lanes’ including Bee Lane, Moss Lane, Lord’s Lane, Nibs Lane, Chain House Lane and Cootes Lane. 

    What is an allocated site?

     ‘The Lanes’ will be a new, residential-led community for Penwortham. 

    The land itself also presents an opportunity for commercial space, green infrastructure and hub for apprentice training.  

    Included in the development will be new cycle routes, a primary school, shops, health facilities, a Local Centre and an Apprenticeship and Skills Hub. 

    What is the site allocated for?

    ‘The Lanes’ will be a new, residential-led community for Penwortham.

    The land itself also presents an opportunity for commercial space, green infrastructure and community facilities.   

    Included in the development will be new cycle routes, a primary school, shops, health facilities, a Community Centre and an Apprenticeship and Skills Centre. 

    Why is the site allocated for major new development?

    Councils typically outline a local plan every 10-15 years, which acts as a forecast for the requirements of the borough.

    In this case, South Ribble Borough Council identified a requirement for up to 7,000 new homes between now and 2026 to meet demand. ‘The Lanes’ has been identified as a major development site suitable for/capable of delivering approximately 1,350 new homes.

    What is a masterplan?

    A masterplan is a long-term planning document, providing a conceptual layout designed to guide growth and development. Having a masterplan in place enables planners to make and show connections between the surrounding environment, social setting and proposed buildings.

    Masterplans are collated using several resources including public consultations, planning meetings and initiatives, existing developments in the area and other micro and macro socioeconomic conditions. 

    Is the land classified as greenbelt?

    No, the site is not greenbelt land. Greenbelt is defined as a specially designated area of land or countryside which is protected from most forms of development.

    The site includes land allocated as a major development site, as outlined in South Ribble’s Local Plan. 

    When will ‘The Developers’ estimate work starting at The Lanes?

    Subject to planning being approved, we anticipate the site will become an active construction site in Summer 2023, initially with remediation/infrastructure works.

    How many new jobs is The Lanes expected to bring to the local community?

    There are two principal areas of job creation, construction and operational.  The construction phase includes the construction, building and installation of the new link road, houses, local centre, primary school, landscape areas and any other associated works.

    Per annum this is likely to work out at approximately 200 jobs per year over 15-20 years. This is a conservative estimate and there will be times during the project when this is much higher, especially in the first 10 years when the link road, local centre and residential areas are being built simultaneously.

    How do I register my interest in the site?

    You can register your interest in ‘The Lanes’ by clicking here

    Who can I speak to about the proposed development?

    All the information you need can be found on this web page. However, if you have any further questions or would like to speak to us, you can contact us via email by clicking here .


  • What's proposed

    What's Proposed?

    The Lanes development will comprise of:

    • A range of one, two, three, four and five bedroom mews, semi-detached, detached and apartment properties are proposed. In addition, there is the opportunity for proportion of these properties to provide specialist elderly accommodation
    • A new primary school
    • A local centre 
    • Public open spaces and play areas
    • Excellent pedestrian, cycle and vehicle links
    • A new Apprenticeship and Skills Programme Centre

    (Artist impression of entrance from Penwortham Way to the development)



    (Artists impression of the Village Green & Apprenticeship and Skills Programme and Centre at The Lanes)


    (Street scene depicting new properties at a typical Taylor Wimpey development)

    Village Green


    (Artists impression of a Taylor Wimpey street scene – not representative of The Lanes)

    The development seeks to incorporate a number of the principles of Garden Villages, as described in the Town and Country Planning Association’s Guide ‘Understanding Garden Villages’. The following aspects have been considered:

    • Small in scale: The heart of the development establishes the new identity ‘The Lanes’; Garden villages are defined as between 1,500 and 10,000 homes; this development is at the smaller end of the definition.
    • Planned for Healthy Living: This principle is achieved by encouraging walking and cycling and using Active Design principles. These are embedded in the proposed development, re-using existing footpaths and developing the school and local centre at the heart of the site.
    • Provision for a vibrant social life: There will need to be a long term artistic and cultural strategy to help achieve this, but in the first instance the proposed development includes for community provision to enable this. Designed with High Quality Materials and attention to detail.
    • Provision of services for day-to-day needs within walking distance: The proposed development sets out play spaces, a local centre and primary school at appropriate walking distances

    Local Centre & Apprenticeship Programme

    A temporary Apprenticeship and Skills Programme and Centre is proposed. The Apprenticeship and Skills Training Scheme will be designed to help provide people with the skills needed to those wanting to pursue a career in construction. The Apprenticeship and Skills Centre will be provided in a temporary building. 

    A new Local Centre is also proposed as part of the development proposals. The Local Centre will be positioned near the heart of the development and will be well connected with pedestrian and cycle links. The Local Centre will contain a range of services and facilities for the use of residents of the development and the surrounding area. The Local Centre could contain a food store, farm shop, offices as well as a range of other services and facilities for example a pharmacy, gym, veterinary surgery, dry cleaners and hairdressers. The range of services and facilities in the new Local Centre will be determined by market demand and ongoing consultation with South Ribble Borough Council, Lancashire Country Council, Penwortham Town Council, other stakeholders and the local community.

    The current development proposals include enhancement to the existing Kingsfold Community Centre.  Below is an example of a recently launched Community Centre at another development of Taylor Wimpey, Pennington Wharf.


    (The community board at the Pennington Wharf Community Hub in Leigh)



    (The yoga space available at the Pennington Wharf Community Hub in Leigh)



    (The kids play area available at the Pennington Wharf Community Hub in Leigh)


    Visitors took part in wreath making and enjoyed mulled wine and mince pies

    (Visitors enjoyed a crafting session at the launch of the new Community Hub at Pennington Wharf in Leigh)

  • Community

    Community Benefits

    New development can bring a number of economic benefits to the local area and we have estimated these using UK-wide statistical data.

    Our development will deliver a range of much needed community benefits for Penwortham. 

    Women and Dog - smaller

    The community facilities proposed for this development include a new primary school, community centre and local facilities including shops.

    Building the houses

    • Creation of circa 200 new jobs per year in the construction period, including youth training opportunities.
    • The development will provide a £233 million capital investment into the local area, equating to £1,61 million Gross Value Added per year. This investment will have significant positive impacts on the local job market and economy.

    Once people move in

    • £8 million uplift in annual retail & leisure expenditure by new resident
    • Over £1.8 million per annum in new Council tax receipts.
    • The annual household spend from the new residents alone is anticipated to be approximately £10 million and the overall GVA is projected to be £22.7 million per annum (from supply chain jobs expenditure).

    Building for Life – Design Review

    The site has been evaluated against the Building for Life 12 design criteria (the Government-endorsed industry standard for well-designed homes and neighbourhoods) and is found to achieve a ‘green’ score against all the criteria.  This achieves the highest possible score demonstrating the quality of the design proposals and the neighbourhood that the scheme will create.

  • Updates

    News and Updates

    Anticipated Timescales

    Submit outline planning application Summer 2021
    Start on site Summer 2023
    Show homes open Summer 2024
    First home occupied Early 2025