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Mortgage Myths

Taking your first steps towards a mortgage and getting a foot on the property ladder can be a really exciting time. But it’s also important that you get the right information before you start your journey.

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a mortgage                   

In this video we tackle the following questions & myths:

  • Can I get a mortgage if I am Over 50's?
  • You can only get a mortgage from the company you bank with 
  • Bills, debt and other outgoings won't affect my application 
  • You need to have a perfect credit rating to get a mortgage 
  • My partner is on maternity leave, we'll need to wait to buy a house 
  • I'm pregnant, I can't apply for a mortgage now 
  • There's no point looking into mortgages until you've found the home you want to buy 
  • What is Own New and how can it help me with my house purchase?