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Dulux Colour of the Year 2022

‘Bright Skies’ is Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2022 and this uplifting, pale blue is the freshest hue for a new year makeover…

Blue Skies COTY 2022

What is Bright Skies?

Bright Skies might be in short supply over the next few months – fact. But get set for a new start, as the colour experts over at Dulux have declared this whispery, pale blue as the colour we should be gazing at in our 2022 homes.

It’s billed as a blue that’s good for the soul – a breath of fresh air. And as life continues to challenge, what’s not to love about such an undemanding, feel-good shade. Pass us the paintbrush.

Photo credits: Smeg UK, Flooring Superstore & Dulux

Is it just another pale blue?

It’s blue, yes. But there’s a fresh and captivating appeal to Blue Skies that puts us in a hopeful mood. More grown-up than a sugary, baby blue and warmer than the ubiquitous grey that’s dominated our homes for too long. In fact, we’re tipping this optimistic blue as the shade to rejuvenate any room or zone of the home – be it a city-centre crashpad or a four-bed family home. It’s a cure-all colour and we’re in love. 
Dulux Colour of the year 2022

How should I use it?

Wherever you want, really. Brush ‘Bright Skies’ over all four walls – even the ceiling – for a sweep of block colour that is so on trend right now. (And spot on for nailing a positive, spring-like mood even in the bleak mid-winter). For a soothing and subtle starting point for the living area or bedroom, it’s the perfect, whisper-soft blue. Add jewel shades or natural wood to mix up the look. To combat a dark, cramped room, Dulux’s COTY is an easy-peasy colour you won’t regret. Thank you Dulux, we’re in.

Photo credit: Mermaid Panels Ltd