It's all in the name!

From our humble beginnings as a local stone working business to our position today as one of the most respected names in the UK housebuilding industry, the importance of a strong brand has always been a top priority.

As we launch our fresh new corporate logo and colour scheme, we take a look back at the history of the company through the years...

From small acorns... 

George Wimpey

Original Stone Merchants office_HISTORY THUMB

The origins of Taylor Wimpey date right back to 1880 when we started life as George Wimpey, a small stone working business in Hammersmith. Before long, George Wimpey and Company was carrying out major building and road projects throughout London.

Within just 30 years the business had become a well-regarded company, amongst other things winning the contract to build the 80,000-seater White City Stadium which hosted the 1908 Olympic Games.

The stone merchants was bought by Godfrey Way Mitchell (later Sir Godfrey Mitchell) in 1919 from the Wimpey family and he renamed it George Wimpey & Co Ltd. 

The Taylor family

Frank Taylor in 1921

In 1921, Frank Taylor (later Lord Taylor of Hadfield) borrowed money to build two houses in Blackpool at the age of just 16. His uncle Jack Woodrow lent his name to the company, Taylor Woodrow.

Frank moved to London in 1930, and by the time the Second World War began, the company was building more than 1,000 homes a year, before securing contracts relating to the war effort, such as building airfields and factories.

The start of a happy partnership

Heathrow airport construction site_HISTORY THUMB

The first project Taylor Woodrow and George Wimpey worked on together was the construction of London Airport, now Heathrow, in 1946. Almost 50 years on – in 1994 – the companies would come together again for the Channel Tunnel project, for which George Wimpey was a founder member of the project consortium and Taylor Woodrow the civil engineers.

2007 was the year when the two housebuilding giants merged to form Taylor Wimpey. Today, Taylor Wimpey builds more than 10,000 new homes a year across the UK.

This summer we are launching a fresh new brand, featuring a more contemporary look and feel and helping us to truly stand out from our competitors.

Here we take a look back at how our brand has evolved...

A fresh new brand

This summer we are launching a fresh new brand, featuring a more contemporary look and feel and helping us to truly stand out from our competitors.

Here we take a look back at how our brand has evolved...

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How has our brand evolved?

Taylor Woodrow

The four-men logo was introduced in 1954, developed from a design by Maurice Higham, a storekeeper of the TW Plant Company team following a group-wide competition which he won.  The logo featured four men pulling together on a rope, signifying the commitment to teamwork that was at the heart of the company’s values

Wimpey cat sales area HISTORY THUMB

In the 1980’s George Wimpey began to reinforce Wimpey Homes as a brand, focusing on quality compact housing. Advertising, featuring the famous Wimpey cat, ensured Wimpey Homes became a household name in house building.

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Our changing faces

Teal logo

In the mid-1990’s the brand changed again and moved away from the cat to a more modern, cleaner looking branding using a teal blue and mustard coloured yellow.  A blue colour typifies the hues of serenity, peace and security. The colour yellow is simply happy and it has long been associated with energy and encouragement.

George Wimpey sign 2000s HISTORY THUMB

The gold and blue George Wimpey logo followed and was designed to reflect the company’s open, approachable and modern outlook.

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Two become one


Created after Taylor Wimpey was formed from the merger of Taylor Woodrow and George Wimpey in 2007, the new brand used bold colours and a simple, striking design to create a brand new brand identity. 

Taylor Wimpey

Our current logo and branding has been created to freshen up our image and make our brand more friendly and relevant to our customers.  It looks less ‘corporate’ and sets out to reflect how our company is structured - we are a national company, with deep local roots.

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The meaning of colour

When you have been choosing paint for a room, you have probably looked at colours that are either warm or cool.  But did you know that color can mean so much more than that?  

Our new logo uses a cool colour, grape, with a warm colour, red.  Grape mixes some of the warm and cool, tranquil and passionate qualities of red and blue. It has long represented royalty and wealth. It also promotes a sense of creativity and imagination.  Red, on the other hand, is associated with passion, excitement and growth.

As part of the brand refresh, we have included improvements to our sales areas, signage and website, making our developments and information about them easier to find. Of course, our sales executives haven’t changed and they are as friendly, helpful and professional as they have always been!

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