The Woodalls of Woodall Grange

Meet Mr & Mrs Woodall of Woodall Grange. You'd be forgiven for thinking they might have inherited the family estate - but they are actually the proud owners of a new-build flat in Dudley.

When first-time buyers Ben and Leanne chose to buy their first home at Woodall Grange, it was the icing on the cake that the development was seemingly named after them.

Mr  Mrs Woodall of Woodall Grange

Ben says: “It is a strange coincidence that the development has the same name as us and it makes us feel as if living here really is meant to be.

“And of course it is funny because it sounds a bit aristocratic. I did smile when I received a letter addressed to Mr Woodall of Woodall Grange. We have a laugh about it. When people say they think the estate is named after us, we say we like to think so!”