How to choose your perfect kitchen worktop

Which is the perfect worktop for your kitchen?

A worktop can be hard to choose, here is our handy guide to help you pick... 

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Premium Laminate

The most cost-effective option for your kitchen work surface is laminate, and it’s safe to say that this type of worktop has come a long way in recent years. For a top quality surface, however, you’re best bet is a premium laminate which is more hard wearing than the cheaper option.

Why choose it?

Laminate is wonderfully versatile, and can easily replicate more expensive materials – so you can get the look of a luxurious stone, such as marble, without the hefty price tag. It’s also heat- and scratch-resistant and is pretty easy to clean.

Bear in mind: The less expensive versions can peel, scratch and be damaged by the heat. 

Engineered Stone

If you want a robust surface with an even and consistent colour, go for an engineered stone, such as quartz or Silestone. These worktops are made of at least 90% quartz mixed with resin, and come in a huge range of colours and finishes from matt and smooth to flecked and glossy.

Why choose it?

Engineered stone is non-porous so you don’t have to worry about mould getting under the surface, and it’s up to five times harder than granite. It’s also easy to maintain and is chip- and stain-resistant.

Bear in mind: The resin in the worktop could be sensitive to heat, so you shouldn’t put hot cookware straight on the surface. If an engineered stone worktop gets damaged there’s no way to repair it. 

Solid Surface

Solid surface worktops are made from a composite of materials – Earthstone, for example is composed of a chipboard core and acrylic outer layer. They come in a range of colours and can be installed so that the joints are seamless.

Why choose it?

These worktops are non-porous, so they’re extremely hygienic and are easy to maintain. If your worktop gets a small scratch it’s simple to remove with a sponge scourer. They’re also easy to fit and as noted above, can be fitted with inconspicuous joins.

Bear in mind: It’s best to choose a lighter worktop for the  darker version can show up scratches.


For a feeling of quality in your kitchen, a granite worktop should cut the mustard. It’s one of the most popular choices as it looks good in both modern and traditional cookspaces. As it’s a natural stone every piece is individual, and you can choose from a varied range of colours and patterns.

Why choose it?

Granite is really strong and scratch-proof, and it’s particularly effective at resisting heat and mould.

Bear in mind: It’s a porous stone so it needs to be sealed every six to 12 months, and its weight means it should be installed on top of good quality cabinets.

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