Easy DIY interior design

Designing your home can sometimes be a difficult and expensive task – you traipse around homeware shops looking for something that grabs you, but they’re filled with ornaments and pictures you’ve already seen a million times over.

So if you’re searching for some inspiration, we have a simple and cost-efficient way of creating your own canvas print that is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Read on for our step-by-step instructions...

canvas 1

Choose a piece of wallpaper or cloth that you love and a plain canvas to create your own stunning wall art!

canvas 1

Lay out your chosen wallpaper or cloth on a flat surface and place the canvas on top to measure how much you need to cover it. Then cut the material according to size (as though wrapping a present).

canvas 3

Fold the paper/cloth tight to the canvas and wrap the excess material round the back, securing it in place using a staple gun. 

canvas 4

Fold in each edge and staple them down one at a time, to ensure you have a neat covering of the canvas.

canvas 5

The finished piece is a fabulous and unique wall art that you can hang in your home!



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