Create a no sew cushion cover

If sewing isn’t really your forte, don’t let that stop you creating your own textiles! Using just a plain cushion and some material you can easily brighten up your place.

Check out our tips on how you can change up your style quickly and easily with no need to root out the sewing tin...

no sew 1

Lay your chosen material flat and using a plain cushion with no cover, place it horizontally in the centre.

no sew 2

Fold two opposite sides of the material over the cushion, making sure you have enough to cover it at the back.

Then fold the edges in a neat line. 

With the remaining two edges of material, fold them in to a point (like when wrapping a present) and bring them in to meet each other. 

In the centre of the cushion tie the two edges into a knot to keep the cushion together. This also creates an interesting design with no pins or needles required!

Tuck in any excess material for a neater look and marvel at your creation!

This is also an inexpensive way of changing up the interiors of your home, as you can swap the covers of your cushions with little expense and hassle!

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