How to design a royal nursery

We’d like to say a huge congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (and Prince George too!) following the birth of the new royal baby.

To celebrate the occasion, we’ve spoken to our team of expert interior designers who have put together a series of top tips on how to create the perfect nursery. 

So if you’re expecting a new arrival and need some help, take a look at our advice below – and you’ll soon have a nursery fit for your little prince or princess!

Go for soft neutral tones

Grey nursery with Bookshelf

We love the soft grey and aqua colours in this room. The modern spin on a rocking chair is funky yet practical, and the storage boxes provide a welcome place to stash nappies and toys. 

The single bed will be useful for those nights where one of you needs to sleep in your own room in peace whilst the other stays close to the baby.

“Choose a colour scheme that fits in with the rest of your home – grey is the go-to colour of the moment for the stylish nursery.”

-Susan White, Phoenix Interior Design

“A wooden or laminate floor is a popular choice for a nursery because it’s practical for cleaning up after a little one. Add a colour-coordinated rug to make it more comfortable.”

- Joanne Davies-Jones, Vogue Interiors

"Soft neutral tones with textured fabrics and subtle patterns help create a calming environment for a newborn."

- Hayley Holland, Vogue Interiors

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Go for a classic theme

Taupe nursery with wooden cot and heart theme

We wouldn't mind spending some time in this calm and serene nursery! The elegant light fittings and grand wooden cot are fit for a royal, whilst the heart themed artwork and plush curtains give the room a cosy feel.

“If designing a themed nursery, go with a timeless classic theme that doesn’t date.”

- Nadia Bloomfield, Vogue Interiors

“Taupe and beige are always popular for a nursery, especially when people don’t know what they’re having. Once the baby is born, parents can add colour as they go along.”

- Joanne Davies-Jones, Vogue Interiors

“Invest in a comfortable high-back chair, but one that you would choose regardless of it being for a nursery. You may already have one that could be reupholstered in fabric, which suits your new décor.”

- Susan White, Phoenix Interior Design

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Choose some subtle wall art

Nursery with wall mural and spotted blind

We love the tree and birds on the wall of this nursery. Wall art can be fun and educational as well as providing a great focal point for the room.

"Hand-painted mural walls are hugely popular at the minute. A lot of people go for their baby’s name or a pretty tree – you don’t want anything too garish.”

- Joanne Davies-Jones, Vogue Interiors

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