How to make a garden in a teacup

Need some ideas for filling that empty windowsill, or maybe your home doesn’t have a garden but you wish for a bit more greenery?

We have a great idea for creating your own low maintenance garden in a teacup! Read on to find out more...
teacup 1

Using just a bit of compost, a couple of pretty teacups, a few stones and some Sempervivum plants (they don’t need a lot of watering!), you can create a pretty garden anywhere in your home.

teacup 2

Let's get started...

Start by placing some stones at the bottom of the cup.

teacup 3

Follow this by adding in the compost (multi-purpose will work fine) until the cup is filled to the top.

teacup 4
The cup is then ready to add in your plants – depending on their size, try adding a few into each cup. 

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The finishing touches

teacup 5
Lastly, surround the plants with a few more pebbles to cover the compost. 

teacup 6
You then have a low maintenance miniature sized garden that will bring life into your home! 

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