How to make your own memo board

We all know what it’s like – every week we have a long list of jobs that need doing, but many get forgotten among the chaos of everyday life. So what can be done to make sure you remember everything?

We’ve tried out a way of creating a memo board to hang in your home that is both useful and beautiful! Check out our top tips for creating your own...

memo 1

Using an empty picture frame and some paper that boasts a pretty design, you can make a memo board that will stick in everyone’s minds!

memo 2

Your chosen paper needs to fit inside the frame like a picture would, so to get the right amount start off by measuring it against the frame. 

memo 3

Once you’ve measured for size, cut the paper accordingly and fit it inside the picture frame.

memo 4

Using a white board marker pen, write your ‘to do’ list on the glass of the frame and hang it in your home. What you’ve got is a fab memo board that has unlimited use for your never-ending jobs! 

memo 5

Once everything on your list has been done, simply wipe the glass clean ready for next time you need to remember something! 

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