Interior design trends to watch for in 2015

Decorating and designing your home’s interior offers the perfect opportunity to get creative and use your imagination – but more often than not we could all use a little inspiration...

In the same way that fashion evolves over time, interior design trends are also on the move as the seasons come and go.

To help you stay ahead of the game when creating your dream home, we asked our expert interior designers to spill the beans about what’s hot for 2015.

Be bold and dive in with deep blues

2015 interior design trends - be bold

"Be brave and go dark with a deep blue. Inky blues walls are not for the faint hearted but look stunning if you take the plunge.” Susan White, Phoenix Interior Design.

Choosing a colour scheme is a good starting point for anyone looking to spruce up their pad and this year it’s all about deep blues, neutral nudes and stylish greys.

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Add a burst of colour to a neutral palette

“If the base is kept neutral/grey, flashes of a bright colour can be used to brighten the palette. This works particularly well with lime yellows and cobalt blue.”
Nicky Oxley, Omnific Designs.

2015 interior design trend - Greys with flashes of colour

In this living room, soft greys and mauves have been given a lift with the introduction of subtle flashes of colour.

2015 interior design trend - Grey with flashes of colour lime green

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Geometrics are here to stay

2015 interior design trends - geometric wallpaper

“Geometrics are really strong at the moment and will continue to be so for quite some time. This look keeps moving forward and it so adaptable that you can mix geometric patterns with industrial-style papers and textured fabrics for a really smart city look.” Nicky Oxley, Omnific Designs.

2015 interior design trend - Geometric shapes

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Copy the catwalk and go nude in your home

2015 interior design trend - Bedroom in nude with truffle colours

“A new colour from French fabric houses is nude. Modern designs look fabulous if you combine nude with copper lighting and accessories. Add a touch of luxurious velvets in truffle colours to achieve a sumptuous look.”
Nicky Oxley, Omnific Designs.

2015 interior design trend - geometric wallpaper (2)

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Mix up your metals for a designer decor

2015 interior design trend metallics

“Metals are moving from stainless steel into copper, gold and bronze.” Susan White, Phoenix Interior Design.

2015 interior design trend - Copper and bronze bedroom

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Keep it cool with a sense of luxe minimalism

2015 interior design trend - luxe minimalism

"2015 is pointing towards ‘luxe minimalism’ – a combination of opulence and minimalism. Think cool, boutique hotel style.”
Jenni Edmonds, Claude Hooper.

2015 interior design trend - Luxe minimalism cool boutique hotel style

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Exposed bulbs and grid like lights are on trend

2015 interior design trend - Grid like light fixture

"Bulbs are becoming somewhat of a feature and no longer need to be hidden away. Grid-like light fixtures can add a statement to a room and cast some amazing shadows.”
Jenni Edmonds, Claude Hooper.

2015 interior design trend -exposed lightbulbs

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Comfort is key with a less structured sofa

2015 interior design trends - low slung l shape sofa

"Less structured, informal sofas are the way to go. These days, people want to sprawl rather than perch, so take inspiration from the 1970’s low slug L-shape sofas.”
Susan White, Phoenix Interior Design.

For the upcoming season, fussy and intricate designs are out while authentic and simple styles are in.

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