How to decorate your home with velvet accessories

Looking to add some glamour, luxury and elegance to your interior design? Then decorating your home with velvet accessories is the answer!

Match the 2017 catwalk by introducing this velvet into your interior design. It’s a texture that’s so irresistible it has to be touched, and with the winning combination of colourful palettes and rich qualities, your house may as well become fit for royalty.

This plush fabric first became popular in the 14th century in the Far East, where it was historically passed along the legendary ‘Silk Road’ from Arabic countries to the Italian cities of Florence, Sicily and Lucca.

Don’t wait any longer – check out these great ways to introduce the velvet vibe into your home...



Velvet is an investment

Let it age, and your velvet will become vintage. This material wears really well, so once you’ve invested, you’ll never have to throw it away!

Older, more worn velvet gives an immediate soul to any room. You can buy new and wait for it to age, or of course you can find an antique item to instantly work the room.

Don’t overdo it

Velvet is a universal material which complements other fabrics and textures really well, so don’t feel that you have to cover an entire room with it to achieve the look – it can work well just as a subtle theme.

For a decadent vibe, choose rich throw cushions, soft stools and classic armchairs to update living areas and bedrooms alike.

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