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The benefits of living in a new-build community

Moving into a new-build home isn’t just about the property itself – it’s also a chance to become part of a new community. Here are some benefits of living in a new-build development and a few tips for getting to know the neighbours.

You’re all in the same boat

When you move into a new-build house on a brand new development, your neighbours are likely to have recently moved in too. You’re all starting the process of forming a community together, so chances are they’re just as keen to get to know people as you are. Whether you’re a young professional, a couple with young children or beginning your retirement plans, your neighbours are on a similar new-build journey.

Community tip: Make a point of saying hello to your neighbours whenever you can, and make some time to take part in any events, activities and clubs in the area. A little effort when you first move into your new home will pay off in the long run.

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Everything is local

New-build communities are often constructed close to shops, parks and schools, and some even have amenities in them. This means you’ll be able to easily nip to the shop or walk the kids to school with other families in the area. And if your new development has been designed with bicycle paths, you’ll be able to cycle safely without having to avoid vehicles.

Community tip: If you have children at primary school, consider the idea of a ‘walking bus’. This nifty idea means parents take it in turns to do the school run, picking up classmates on the way to form a ‘busload’ of little walkers.

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Green spaces are accessible

Many new developments are built to fit in with the surrounding countryside to provide residents with a connection to nature. Not only is it lovely to see green space from your window, but this also provides opportunities to connect with the wider community. Parks, nature trails and green areas encourage people to gather, play, picnic and keep fit outdoors.

Community tip: If you’re keen to get some exercise outdoors, how about asking neighbours to join you? Set up a running club, or a walking group to help with keep-fit motivation and to have some sociable conversation at the same time.

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There’s less upkeep

Those period features in an older property can lose their charm when you’re constantly having to DIY. New-build homes are built with the latest energy efficient power and heating, so bills are lower – and newer windows, walls and roofs are less likely to need regular maintenance. With fewer DIY worries, you can use your time and finances to concentrate on enjoying life in your new community.

Community tip: If you have the time and budget, how about inviting the local community over for a drinks party or barbecue? It doesn’t have to be hard work either, especially if you ask everyone to bring a salad or dessert with them. Suggest a regular get together, with each neighbour taking it in turns to host.

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