Fall in love with your living room with our inspirational ‘look book’

The living room plays a key role in setting the tone for the rest of your home – and for that reason, decorating this room can seem like quite a challenge.

But fear no more. We’ve put together an inspirational ‘look book’ to help you decide what will work best in your lounge.

We hope you find our tips useful. If you are buying a Taylor Wimpey home, your Sales Executive will be able to advise you whether the features described in this article are available in your home.

Fabulous feature fireplaces

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They do say if you’ve got it, flaunt it. So if your lounge has the space, why not go ahead and install a feature fireplace?

From large and luxurious traditional log burners to chic and contemporary wall-hung electric designs – there are so many different styles that can turn up the heat in your home.

Whatever ignites your inner interior designer, a feature fireplace is a sure-fire way to spruce up your living room (and keep you warm too!)

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Adding an accent colour

TW SMidsChestnut GroveBrackleyPT41Eskdalelounge  web Neutrals never go out of fashion, we all know that. But sometimes a splash of colour is needed to brighten up the place.

If you’ve played it safe in your lounge with a palette of creams and beiges but you still want to include your favourite tone of turquoise or beloved shade of scarlet, try adding accessories in your chosen accent colour.

The rule here is to keep it low key with only a handful of items scattered around the room. Things like cushions, rugs and ornaments are perfect as they aren’t overpowering, and subtle pieces of artwork also work well.

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Informal vs. formal layout

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Ask yourself this: do you want your living room to be a smart space for entertaining guests, or are you after more of a kick-back-and-relax lounge for slobbing out in front of the telly?

To achieve a formal feel in your living room, position your furniture in such a way that doesn’t allow people to be easily distracted. One way to do this is to place two sofas facing one another with a coffee table or footstool in the middle. Throw in a few scatter cushions for added comfort!

For a slightly more laid-back living room, it’s fine to stick to the tried-and-tested method of pointing your seating towards the trusty TV – just be sure to have a layout that still allows for small talk in the ad breaks! Large slouch sofas and L-shape designs are popular for a relaxed vibe.

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Clever use of lighting

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The lighting in your living room should be adaptable depending on the time of day and the mood you want to set.

In the daytime, try and keep your lounge bright and airy. Let natural light spill into the room through your windows, and fix a large mirror to the wall – this will reflect the light and bounce it back around the room.

Meanwhile as dusk sets in and the light fades to dark, make good use of dimmer switches and lamps. These will create a relaxed ambience in your living room for winding down after a long day. Candles are a great addition if you’re looking for a slightly romantic feel.

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Go with the flow

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As mentioned earlier, the living room plays a key role in setting the tone for the rest of your property. This is especially true if your home has an open-plan layout and you want to create a sense of flow.

The easiest way to do this is to duplicate the colour scheme from your lounge into the next nearest room. This can look really effective if you use wallpaper...but only if you use it along the same wall – otherwise it will look disjointed and mismatched.

For a truly seamless finish, complete the look by having the same flooring in each room.

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Don’t forget a focal point

TW Bristol_Belvedere Place_Chilcompton_PA48_ Shelford_Lounge 2 - web

If you’re not a fan of feature fireplaces and you’re worried a TV will ruin the look of your lovely living room, then you need to consider creating an alternative focal point.

A simple solution here is to find some wallpaper you love and put it up on the most prominent wall in the lounge. This will automatically catch people’s eye as they enter the room.

Then, place a piece of furniture like a sideboard or an antique table in a central position along the wall (i.e. where a fireplace would sit) and add your favourite accessories that you want to show off. Alternatively, hang a striking piece of artwork or a large mirror on the wall.

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