Green is the new Pink

The 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year has been revealed as a not-so-subtle yellow-green shade known as ‘Greenery’, or more precisely, Pantone 15-0343.

Each year the colour experts select a new colour which they think reflects the current cultural climate. According to Pantone, Greenery represents ‘beginnings’, with a strong emphasis on reconnecting with the environment and nature.

This zesty hue replaces 2016’s winners – Rose Quartz and Serenity – and tops the list for trending interior design themes for this coming spring.

The Pantone Colour of the Year is a key influencer for fashion and interior design for the seasons ahead.

Adding a little Greenery throughout your home will bring you a welcome breath of fresh air, and we have some great ideas for how to use this staple colour to brighten up your pad, so read on...



Greenery depicts a strong sense of nature. By combining the colour with other environment-themed shades – such as ‘Moss’, ‘Redwood’ and ‘Kalamata’ – you can replicate this natural feel in any room. Furthermore, adding touches of Greenery alongside wooden furnishings can instil a real sense of the outdoors in your home.

A bold statement

An alternative way to add this bold tone to your home is to use it as an ‘accent’ colour on a statement wall or as a selected feature to help break up a large or neutrally decorated space.

Calm down

Being surrounded by nature is incredibly relaxing, even for the most stubborn city-dwellers among us. Create a calming atmosphere by complementing Greenery with relaxing, pastel tones such as ‘Gray Lilac’ and ‘Green Lily’.


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