Deck the walls.... how to create truly inspirational wall art

Whether it’s choosing what style or colour of wallpaper to go with, discovering how to use contemporary wall art and stickers, or learning how to hang your pictures and photographs with panache, we’ve got it covered when it comes to decorating your walls.

So banish those blank walls and bring real flair, sophistication and personality to your spaces with our inspirational interior design tips for wall art...

Liven up a living room with graceful patterns and striking accessories

TW SWales_Kingsmead_Caerphilly_PA44_Midford_Lounge

Feature wallpaper is an on-trend way of transforming your decor and instantly injecting some style and personality into a room. It should always be positioned where you want to create a focal point in the room – walls with no windows or doorways are ideal – where there is nothing to interrupt the design.

A subtle, simple pattern can have a stunning effect without being obtrusive or overpowering, especially if you integrate it in the rest of your scheme with the use of suitable accessories – like a striking mirror, elegant furniture or co-ordinating fabrics.

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Let your imagination run wild with gorgeous stickers

TW East Anglia_Newton Grange_PT41_Eskdale_Bedroom 2

A child’s bedroom is the perfect place to unleash your creative side, especially with the use of contemporary wall stickers or decals. Enhance beautifully toned wallpaper with vivid, lifelike visuals that form a natural texture on the wall.

Fashion a truly thematic design by adding some fun, complementary extras – in this case a charming picket fence and some artificial flowers – that give the room a real three-dimensional sparkle and create a perfect dreamy wonderland.

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Three can be the magic number

TW NWest_Spring Croft_Winsford_PB35_Alton_Bedroom (1)

When it comes to hanging framed pictures, symmetry is always key – but to stand out, why not try a neat row of three? This can prove much more inspiring than a skimpy pair or a predictable block of four, while a larger item on its own can look static.

Three matching images can stir a captivating visual interest without going overboard, while also bringing an air of sophistication to the room.

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