New ways to wallpaper

Looking for new ways to wallpaper? We’ve got it covered with these top tricks guaranteed to overhaul every room in the house (yes even the bathroom!).

Be it papered powder rooms, wall-to-wall florals or rooms that look like log cabins. Wallpaper for the 21st century is cool, on-trend and a million miles away from the 90s feature wall. Pasting brushes at the ready…

1. All-over wallpaper

Who hasn’t dabbled with a feature wall over the last decade, maybe a wall of florals in the bedroom or a geo-print above the fireplace? Well, it’s time to push wallpapering boundaries. Go wall-to-wall, top-to-toe and corner-to-corner, and cover your entire room, yes, all four walls, in your chosen wallpaper design. It’s a trend that looks fresh, modern and all-embracing. Trust us, you’ll love it…

TAKEAWAY TREND: Feeling wary of the all-over wallpaper look, then go for a block colour, subtle print or try out in a small cloakroom

Interior Image

2. Go large

Say hello to the 21st century mural, a fave interior design trick that will magically transform any space into an underwater lagoon, a city skyline, a giant watercolour painting or a largescale image of your family. What’s better, these made-to-measure murals can either be printed on paste-the-wall wallpaper or a clever peel and stick version that will keep landlords happy if you live in rented accommodation.

TAKEAWAY TREND: The next big thing? Hanging a mural on your ceiling…you heard it here first

Interior Image

3. Eau zones

We’ve forever been warned off wallpaper in the bathroom, but thanks to new fabric-like materials that have a super-tough and washable vinyl coating, you can now have print and patterned walls even when there’s water around. Try it out in your kitchens too, and, as a change from a tiled splashback, do as the design cognoscenti are doing, and fix panels of beautiful wallpaper behind tempered glass or Perspex.

TAKEAWAY TREND: William Morris prints and re-issues of archive wallpaper make an amazing contrast in a super-modern kitchen

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4. Fake it

From ‘textured’ concrete to fantastic, forest landscapes, trompe l’oeil wallpapers are spot-on for adding a sense of drama to your home. Don’t be shy of this fancy-pants, French phrase which simply means ‘visually tricking the eye. It’s a canny design tool that’s been around since the Baroque period, when murals typically showed ornate windows, doors or hallways (so the room ‘magically’ appeared larger). Now, faking it, is a modern-day, interior go-to, where illusory 2-D wallpaper creates a quirky look that’s so authentic, you might find yourself having a sneaky stroke…

TAKEAWAY TREND: Giant panels of look-a-like marble are where it’s at…

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