Why grey is still the way

To say that grey has had something of an image change in recent years is something of an understatement.

What was once synonymous with dull, boring and getting old now signals sophistication and effortless style.

It’s therefore no surprise that grey continues to make a big appearance in on-trend interior schemes – but getting the look is a bit of a balancing act, so we have some essential tips for getting it right!

Grey is a great supporting player for colour

TW NWest_Stoneley Park_Crewe_PD49_Downham_Kitchen_Dining cameo 2

Grey is the ideal backdrop for the playfulness of quirky brights, especially when various shades of grey are used.

Monochrome artwork rested on a shelf adds a casual yet sophisticated feel to this ultra-cool look, while plain grey cushions allow the patterned coloured fabrics to show off.

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Grey brings black and white into balance

TW NWest_Stoneley Park_Crewe_PA34_Gosford_Lounge

Grey is the perfect meeting place for classic geometric black-and-white patterns. Grey flooring and grey feature walls (which cleverly give the appearance of traditional alcoves either side of a chimney breast), along with a single grey cushion and some chrome accessories are all it takes.

The subtle use of cream on the walls adds warmth and depth to what might, at first glance, seem like a completely monochrome scheme.

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Grey can be the star of the show

TW NWest_Stoneley Park_Crewe_PD32_Aldenham_Bedroom

Grey doesn’t just have to form the backdrop to a signature look (though it is brilliant at that). With some careful choices, grey can really shine!

The texture of this gorgeous grey tasselled throw, for example, really draws the eye and captures the essence of this room’s driftwood vibe, with its weatherboard wallpaper, chest-style cabinets and black-and-white beach photos.

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