It’s just the beginning for Amy

Continuing our series looking at up-and-coming interior designers, we speak to Amy March, who has joined forces with her mum to start their own label creating handmade bespoke furniture based around a vintage upcycling approach...

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Before she’d even completed her final year at Nottingham Trent University studying for a BA degree in Furniture and Product Design, 24-year-old Amy founded her own label ‘March Design’ along with her mum, Patricia (54).

“I’ve always wanted my own business, and it’s something that my mum has often thought about doing as well, so before I graduated in 2014 we founded March Design,” Amy says.

The mother-daughter duo, based in Nottingham, set up their own studio to work on a diverse range of projects.

“My mum has always been such an inspiration to me,” adds Amy. “She’s always said each home should be as unique as the person who owns it, and we believe each piece of furniture we create should reflect an aspect of someone’s personality.”

Influences in history

While Amy and Patricia work together on their own projects, due to their expansive knowledge in many different areas of design, they often work on separate pieces.

Amy adds: “While I specialise in woodwork, my mum’s expertise is in upholstery and sewing. Our designs are based around upcycling, with every piece being handmade by us. We aim to either create something using traditional methods or by drawing on the historical influence of the materials.

“We like to not only reminisce about history but also to celebrate it, making bespoke pieces that tell a story. The piece I’m most proud of is the Westminster reclaimed coffee table, which I created from wood reclaimed from Westminster Abbey after the WWII blitz in 1941.

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“I tried to capture the historical influence of the wood by using 144 individually handcrafted sandbags to support the table, which also help tell the story through the red letters printed on the hessian that spells out a famous quote from Winston Churchill.”

Creating a memory

Amy creates her work by drawing on the hidden story behind it, with every piece having an individual touch.

She says: “Our pieces are heavily influenced by emotional design, as we like to create something that will tell a story and that someone will have a connection with, so their story continues through our creations.

“I tend to specialise in making furniture, and we like to make a lot of customised pieces, with many of our clients making specific requests.

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“We do a lot of things that are designed for a specific purpose. We recently had a special request to make a double pillow for a bed, as well as lots of wedding furniture that has special messages inscribed, giving the pieces a personal touch.”

How to achieve Amy’s look

Amy is adamant that, with a little imagination and self-reflection, anybody can achieve the ‘March Design look’ in their own home. 


“To achieve the style of March Design, I’d say to buy items that you feel a connection with, and that link with your personality, so that when someone walks into your living room it’s filled with pieces that tell the story of your life.”

What’s in store

Being fresh out of university, this is just the beginning of Amy’s career in interior design.

“March Design started as just an online portfolio, and it’s grown so much," she says. "All of our pieces are available online on our website, and some pieces are available on

“We hope that in the future we can set up our own shop to sell our pieces, and we aspire to one day have a bigger studio and expand by working on even better and more amazing projects in years to come.”