A step back in time

Our company has has over 135 years experience, with a rich history spanning different continents.

Taylor Wimpey is a product of a merger between George Wimpey and Taylor Woodrow in 2007take a look at the timeline in Our History for full details.

Look what we found whilst digging through our archives... 

George Wimpey workers WEB

Health and safety has improved somewhat since these daysnot a hard hat in sight!

Wimpey workers on building site WEB

These days we're focused on housebuilding, but it wasn't always the wayGeorge Wimpey was a construction company at one stage. Don't these old trucks look just fantastic?

Wimpey homes historical photo WEB

We were heavily involved in contracts relating to the war effort, such as building airfields and factories. Here's an example of some post war construction let us know via our Facebook page if you recognise this road!

We'd love to hear if you have old photos from the old days whether that's George Wimpey or Taylor Woodrow. Why not get in touch via our Facebook page?