Interior design fails

Just like fashion has its faux pas, the world of interior design can also go seriously wrong, and we’ve got the evidence.

Whether you’re searching for some pointers or just looking for a laugh, our collection of disgusting decor and questionable colour schemes covers everything you need to know, so you can avoid making some shocking interior design failures of your own, whilst having a good LOL at the dodgy tastes of others...

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When we say ‘matching accessories’, this isn’t what we mean. This would be acceptable if the room was a present for someone, but when you’re just redecorating the place, that nice new wallpaper doesn’t have to be used for everything.

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If you don’t fancy staring down at your teary reflection as you chop an onion for dinner, then we’d advise you stay well away from mirrored worktops in your kitchen.

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To avoid this colour catastrophe in your home, try sticking to the rule of just three colours, ensuring the shades you use are from a similar colour palette, so they work together.

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You might be trying to save the pennies with a bit of DIY, but that pot of paint doesn’t have to go such a long way. A bit of colour contrast will make the room feel bigger.

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Animal prints suffer with a bad reputation, and this picture proves why. This style can easily look out of date, conjuring up images of a 90s bachelor pad. On a small scale, animal print can look tasteful, but use it sparingly or you could give your guests the wrong impression.  

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This is a classic case of ‘too much going on’. Not only that, but it’s unlikely most people have time to arrange that many cushions every morning. The key is to not clash patterns as well as colours – otherwise the room looks, well, like this...

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Unless you enjoy going to bed feeling a bit dizzy, we’d advise that firstly you don’t choose optical illusion wallpaper, and secondly you don’t buy the bed sheets that clash, or you might start feeling a bit queasy as you doze off.

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‘Yellow’ and ‘crushed velvet’ don’t work in the same sentence together, let alone the same room. Although fashions do come and go, think carefully about which ones you choose to invest in, or you could end up with some regrets.